I will remember you…

Mermaid CarleneLast month, I forgot to post here in the pond. I didn’t think about it a couple days beforehand and then forgot. I didn’t have something I was working on but then became overwhelmed with real-life things and ran out of time. I completely blanked. My monthly slot was nowhere on my radar and that’s saying something because Kerri Mermaid sends us weekly reminders when it’s our turn. That’s a weird feeling to not have a conscious thought about something you normally do as routine and put a lot of thought into. Since then, I can’t stop thinking about my fishy sisters and this pond and you, our friends. Maybe I’ve got a serious case of absence making the heart grow fonder now that I’m over here on the opposite coast, but I thought I’d share this today.

“It’s funny how we feel so much but cannot say a word.”~Sarah McLachlan

But I can, so here are my fishy sisters, in a word…










Fishy kisses,

Carlene Mermaid

15 thoughts on “I will remember you…

  1. Carlene…HERO

    Also, Shirley Temples, CP, Jen Bock rocking our socks, Fake Tina Fey, Sweet One (puke), kray kray, and MY FRIEND! Did I mention HERO? 😉

  2. You sure do know how to bring it (wiping tears) – too sweet, and you’re the best smile on the best day of the best year … you know, you:)…thanks Carlene, needed this today:)!

    1. Well then I’m glad I posted this. Did you know I’ll also never forget the first time I saw you in 2010? We were sitting in the WRW Retreat holding area waiting for our turn to go pitch and I was so nervous. But you were sitting in there too and I didn’t know you at the time but I just couldn’t take my eyes off you. 😉

  3. Carlene… Effervescence.
    This is so lovely, Carlene. Thank you so much for doing this. Something I like to repeat to myself when I am feeling down about writing is that I am the only person in this world who can write this particular story. Well, I believe you are the only person who could write this particular post. Xxxxx

    1. Thank you, Pintip. That’s why I wrote the word “more” for you. I’m always learning more about you. There’s always more to who you are than I realize at first. You always have more to share. More. <3

    1. Hi Loni! Know why I said hands for you? Because you have small, feminine hands and when I found out you were in the military, I just remember thinking how impressed I was that you’ve done some pretty big things with those little hands. xoxo

  4. Carlene: CLEAR. Not truth, not honesty – you have all that, but clear. You say it, and you have no fear of making your point. You live a clear life, it’s one of the things I love most about you and wish I had more of.

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