Isn’t It Romantic

(Sparkle Plan Update: Yes, I am still on my Sparkle Plan. But I thought I would take a month off from talking about it. All is still well – I’m starting to do run/walk intervals and getting back into lifting weights. Stay tuned for a bigger update in September.)

Spoilers ahead – you’ve been warned.

I consider myself a romantic.

I write romance novels. I love happy endings and riding off into the sunset and candlelit dinners and long walks on the beach, and flowers, and getting dressed up to go out on a date. Which reminds me, I have these new, totally cute pants that would be great for a date. But I digress.

You know what else I like? Movies.

But recently, I realized that none of my favorite movies are romantic movies. My two favorite movies oscillate between The Empire Strikes Back and Office Space. Both have some hints of romance, but neither can be considered A romance. Furthermore, the usual “romcom” staples don’t tend to make my heart go flutter-flutter.

Pretty Woman

Laughing like a loon….

For example, I would never consider Pretty Woman a romance because I’ve never been able to get over the fact that, oh, I don’t know, she’s a HOOKER! Sure, it’s all romantic and swell when a super-rich guy can whisk you off on a private plane to see an opera after he put a glamorous and expensive necklace around your neck and you laughed like a loon. But you’re still a hooker.

Are my standards too high?

Then there’s Legally Blonde. One of those movies I’ll always watch when it comes on TV. Is it a romance though? There IS a romance but besides knowing Elle and Emmett get together in the end, they never kiss or go on a date. Besides, the scene that really gets me going is when Elle totally wins the argument over former-love Warner in class. Then Professor Callahan says, “I believe you’ve just won your case.” Yes! #winning

You bet I won my case! Plus, my resume is pink and scented!

You bet I won my case! Plus, my resume is pink and scented!

Frustrated, I Googled “romantic” movies. Here’s my thoughts on some of the Internet’s choices for most romantic film (in no particular order). Mind you, I’m not saying these aren’t good movies, just that they aren’t romantic in my eyes.

Titanic – everyone dies and really cold water.

The Notebook – old people, death and Alzheimer’s.

Ghost – he’s, um, A GHOST! Can never have a happy ending unless she also dies.

Romeo & Juliet – are you freaking kidding me? Double death!

West Side Story – see above, same movie as R&J but with singing and dancing.

Dirty Dancing – we don’t know what happens *after*the summer and abortion. And if Baby gives up her Peace Corps dreams that’s just lame.

Gone with the Wind – Dude, come on. Awesome flick, unhappy ending.

Casablanca – um, they don’t end up together! Also, Nazis scare me!

Grease – have to become a slut to find true love.

I will confess to enjoying and being quite smitten by a lot of scenes within the above movies. So really, maybe my problem is the endings? Because in romance writing, we have to conclude with a happily ever after or at least, happy for now. Kerri Carpenter

All of this pondering leads me to the real question. Am I *not* a romantic after all? You be the judge. In the meantime, PLEASE leave some romantic movie options for me in the comments below.