Things Jamie Oliver Says

I firmly believe that by sharing what a giant goofball I am, people out there who are also giant goofballs will feel a little better about, you guessed it, their giant goofballismness.

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When I wrote an English character named Oliver and needed to know what he sounded like, I went to the very best source I could think of and that my friends was Jamie Oliver. Who is cuter than he? Basically I sat and watched tons of Jamie’s shows (and he’s got some goodies–like the ones where he’s running around random New York neighborhoods at night finding restaurants people run out of their homes without permits but really good food) with my notebook and my remote. I’d pause and jot, pause and jot. And this is the list I came up with for my Englishman’s voice and speech. Some of this will make absolutely no sense unless you do as I did and stalk the man on the TV but even then, it’s pretty entertaining. I give you The Jamie Oliver Experience:

I got half-pissed off a jam jar (drunk)

Anti (an-tee) restaurant

Conception of children

Anti-restaurants have got you hitched

I was a bit cynical but I totally totally get it

See ya guys, take care

Seriously good food

More vibrant, a bit cruder

I’m a chili freak so this Szechuan is right up my trouser

This is a serious serious foody’s noodle dish, beautiful

Do you think your mom would let me have a go at doing the noodles?

Let me have a go, darling (dah-ling)

I’m too strong, I just busted it

I’m getting too cocky

Brilliant beautiful people

New York’s helped me sort of feel differently about immigration

There’s not many people like George about

35 Double Dee, she’s definitely coming

Get some liquor in and have a little bit of a laugh

Good, got a party, just need some food

Sea Bass, slightly awkward fish to filet (fill-it)

The whole thing about ceviche (she-vishey) is…

Not it’s time for the hard part, sprucing meself up

It’s the stories of the people that were really really interesting

If you can get booze into someone’s hands within 30 seconds of them entering the door then you’re a good host

Linda, hello darling.  Come in, how are you?

Excuse me, darling

Here you go, sweetheart

I’m really glad that I came to New York because many many people know New York

Really really good trip, it’s a crazy crazy city


Mermaid CarleneI hope you totally, totally enjoyed my rather random post today.

Ceviche kisses,

(Jamie’s Englishman pronunciation = she-vishey/ Carlene’s San Diego Native = say-vee-chay)

Carlene Mermaid

Jamie Oliver photo credit a Hotelsa via a href=httpphotopin.comphotopina a href=httpcreativecommons.orglicensesby-nc2.0cca






4 thoughts on “Things Jamie Oliver Says

  1. Haha! Thanks, Carlene for at least one new word today. Goofballismness. That’s quite a delicious mouthful. 🙂
    I love listening to people with accents. I can never remember what they said though, so this post is just pure genius.
    I’m not sure how you get about stalking several guys, but…strong work, Carlene! Strong work!

  2. You crack me up, and yeah, he’s might cute. I learned my British slang speak watching shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer (lol), okay not the best choice, but hey, what can I say – my favorite British phrase, word, is ‘suss’ – I love that word – like we’ve got to ‘suss this out’ and then there’s always Bloody Hell! (okay, limited, but still, you know!)…Fun post Carlene!

  3. Love this post!!! And I love me some Jamie Oliver! I like when British guys say, “literally,” which they LITERALLY do all the freaking time. Yum!

  4. Kim, Denny and Kerri, yay! Did you guys read the list with your best fake accents? Suss is a good one, adding it to my Brit list now. Yes, literally said all the time! Thanks for indulging me with today’s post as you know I’m settling into my old-new hometown out here in southern Cali. Love you all!

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