Already, our fabulous mermaids are storming the wilds of Riverwalk in San Antonio, Texas.

Yuppers, it’s #RWA14 – Romance Writers of America National Conference, 2014!

Yes, it’s hot (90 degrees at 10 p.m.). Yes, it’s crowded (4,000 women in one hotel means very crowded). And yes, it’s busy (just try to make all those workshops you had on your wish list!)

Yours truly isn’t in attendance this year, but already has intercepted various Facebook posts from others. We know they’ve survived, and some are probably, at this minute, buying cowboy boots.

Check back tomorrow, to see if I’ve managed to snag a few pictures from the Fishy Ones, and we’ll see just how sparkly their fins can be!

In the meantime, here’s what this Mermaid was doing in their absence…

Just for a day...

We were artists!



At last the Internet Gods cooperate… here we are, painting our hearts out instead of writing.

Hey — better than San Antonio? ┬áHard to tell, some people were feeling pretty good about themselves as the evening went on…


Pretty shakey, i must have been excited...

Pretty shakey, i must have been excited…


All said and done, I think we did pretty well for Left-Behinders.


Tomorrow: experience, planning and my full-on assault of a first draft.