I’m Back and Better Than Ever…

Mermaid Loni Lynne here and ready to go (after some technical difficulties due to a loose nut in front of the keyboard)! I am so happy to be back among my sisters in the pond! They welcomed the prodigal fish home with open fins and excitedly flapping tails.

I am back from a hiatus in which I had to take for health issues and working on my well-being. But everyone’s well-being is important and we as a society tend to take it for granted.

Little things we disregard about ourselves could lead to serious things if not treated and looked into. But weariness, stress and lack of a proper lifestyle are easy masks to fall back on. We’ve heard ourselves say it… “Oh, I’m just stressed. That’s why I’m not sleeping well.”

Just because ‘stressed spelled backwards is desserts’ doesn’t mean we should take it in stride. We have to fix the issues of our stress and move forward.

Because of a stressful block of time, I had been put out of commission. A visit to the hospital put me on the track to finding I had not only a hiatalย hernia in my esophagus (which causes me to have esophageal spasms when stressed–think of getting a tortilla chip stuck in your esophagus and it not going up or down–that is how it feels without anything in there). Not fun! I couldn’t eat or drink for nearly a week without pain. Swallowing was a major issue.

My doctor ordered some tests and a procedure to take pictures of esophagus. In his findings he found the hernia but also something worse…I had Celiac Disease. I had been destroying the very vital villi lining of my intestines (the part that takes in the nutrients into our blood stream). Because of this I was anemic, tired, irritable…just not feeling well at all. I couldn’t function, my brain was sluggish as was my body in general.

How long had I been suffering? I don’t know. Long enough to feel the negative pull on my body.

That was a year ago, almost to the day. I had a follow-up with my doctor and even though I still must maintain a strict Gluten-Free (no wheat, rye, barley) diet, I was given an 8 on a 1 to 10 scale of success. My doctor was impressed and said to keep doing what I’ve been doing. My body is slowly repairing itself…as long as I don’t give in to Gluten.

I’m trying very hard to use that same lesson in issues with Stress. If I don’t feed myself a diet high in stress (gluten), then I can repair my stress issues.

I’ve organized my writing schedule to fit in with my personal schedule. It is a job to me so I treat it as such. Just as any professional would do, I keep a day planner of my writing, so I have six to eight hours a day (not everyone can do this), I take breaks to exercise, drink plenty of water and work on domestic things as needed. By the time my dear hubby comes home, I’m finished with my day, also.

Recently, I took a workshop with the wonderful Candace Haven on Fast Drafting. She had some great ideas about how to pump out your book in two weeks. The word count was my issue but knowing I can (and have) pumped out 1,000 words an hour and knowing I have time scheduled for just that purpose…I can get quite a bit done in my writing. But I am also going through edits, marketing, promotional, etc.

Just like a real job, schedule the time for each item to do. I love lists and marking items off as they are done is a major triumph in my days.

But remember to take time to enjoy your time, your health and well-being (mentally, physically and emotionally). If you don’t, the things that mean the most to you will suffer…leading to more stress.

One thing I’ve always done to keep stress at bay…hugs. Hugs and touch have been known to be cure-all for many issues and lowers blood pressure which is a big stress kicker.

So I used to say, ‘Raising my cup of French Vanilla Cafe to you’ (which I can no longer have)…I will nowLoni Lynne 5 p12756ta105474_25ย end with, “Wrapping my arms around you in a hug.’ Perhaps it will help with just a bit of stress in all of our lives.

Wrapping my arms around you in a hug,

Loni Lynne