Opening Acts that Rock Your World & a Rock Star Romance Free Read!

Eight years ago, I went to a Depeche Mode concert. I know, surprising. And then we all lived happily ever after. The End.

But wait, there’s more. I loved their opening act, a band called She Wants Revenge. Loved them so much that I caught one of their headlining shows, where I had the unforgettable experience of taking in She Wants Revenge’s opening act. A band so unique, I’ll never forget them. They were called Ima Robot. I can still see the words “Ima Robot” written in blood on their t-shirts while they did all kinds of jumpy things I’d never seen done on stage before. Eight years ago! Branded forever in my brain. Check out that energy…

I sit here and I wonder what it would feel like to be a member of an Opening Act? I imagine it’s exciting and takes a special kind of dedication. I imagine you’d be very close with your bandmates. Are you living in the moment or constantly wondering if and when you’ll make it to Headliner? Does that even matter? If you’re sharing your passion with people, whether you’re warming the crowd up or are the main attraction, you are making your dreams happen. I think you are awesome. And thinking about it more, I bet you’re leaving it all out on that stage every night.

I go to a lot of live shows and for the record, I never miss the Opening Act! Are you kidding me, if I did, I’d never had the pleasure of seeing Ima Robot eight years ago! Or Jessica Simpson when she opened up for Ricky Martin. One of my favorite shows ever was when I went to see No Doubt and discovered Paramore who opened for ND and The Sounds who opened for Paramore. All crazy good bands led by dynamite rocker chicks. Check out “Beatbox” by The Sounds, my favorite song from that tour. PS–I secretly wish I could rock it out like Maja Ivarsson…

When I saw Bat for Lashes open up this past fall for Depeche Mode and then Gary Clark, Jr. open for Kings of Leon this February, I fell in love. Two beautiful, heart-touching performances like no others I’ve ever heard. Here’s Bat for Lashes singing Laura…

You know another reason I love the openers? They’re usually super sweethearts and extremely happy to talk to you. Take for example Rayland Baxter who opened up for Bobby Long. He not only packaged his own cd’s in the coolest brown paper bag tied with turquoise string and stamped with a wax R, he took a selfie with me because I was there alone and had no one to hold the camera. Is that the coolest mustache or what?…

Carlene & Rayland Baxter

Carlene & Rayland Baxter

Rayland's Goodies

Rayland’s Goodies

There was also the time Michael Bernard Fitzgerald (opening for Bobby Long at a different show…I love seeing Bobby Long) gave me a bar of soap from his hotel room when I purchased his cd, he said as an additional show of gratitude. Oh, and they’re really cool about posing with your kiddo who you may have kept out way past his bedtime so you could see the show…Kind of like Mason Vixon did the night they opened for Casey James. :)…

Mason Vixon & Kiddo

Mason Vixon & Kiddo

Whether the Opening Acts I remember most were because of the quirky artist and hotel toiletries or because they were a BLEEDING SINGING ROBOT, I can’t imagine missing out on what they bring to the show. And it’s probably why I wrote my latest book about an Opening Act. Their name is Lonerby which stands for the band members’ names–Luke, Oscar, Noah and Erby. They open for Sin Pointe, the other band I made up so I could write books about rock stars! And I have excellent news to share with you…you don’t have to miss this Opening Act because Lonerby’s story, Touch of Sin, just released on Monday and it’s a Free Read! To download your copy, just click HERE. I hope you enjoy it!

Touch of Sin (A Sin Pointe Novel Free Read)

Touch of Sin (A Sin Pointe Novel Free Read)

Touch of Sin Blurb: Lonerby guitarist Luke Willoughby and his band are under tight scrutiny since a press conference was ruined by a band member’s sudden vomiting attack. They’ve been suspended from the Sin Pointe tour and Luke fears they’ve blown it for good. The last thing he expects is the cute management spy sent to observe him.

No-nonsense Sarrie Walker knows exactly what she’s there to do, and makes no secret of it. Luke is impressed—and powerfully attracted to Sarrie’s strong and sexy innocence. When they end up stuck together in close quarters, Sarrie becomes dangerously irresistible—and very much off-limits. Does she hold Luke’s second chance? And if he gives in to her powerful allure, what happens to his heart?

So I’d LOVE to hear about your favorite Opening Acts. Has there been an Ima Robot in your musical viewing past? Maybe a Rayland Baxter? Fishy kisses everyone!

24 thoughts on “Opening Acts that Rock Your World & a Rock Star Romance Free Read!

  1. I don’t get to many live concerts, but I scalped tickets to a Jason Mraz gig at St. Mary’s College (Newburgh, NY) , early in his career. Opening for him, early in HER career, was Tristan Prettyman. Of ccourse, Mraz went on to a sorry sophomore follow-up, but lots of better releases later on, as well as a sketchy dating history. I bought Prettyman’s first CD – I think she put it out herself, and her first “big” album when it was released.

    If you asked me whose album I would want more, if I only had money for one, I would choose Tristan. Hands down, one of the best acts I’ve heard.

    On the other hand, I was following Tristan when she was the opening act for John Butler Trio. Hubby and I were going to leave after her act, but we were up against the fences at the Bowery Ballroom, and the people around us begged us to stay. They were rabid for JBT and, after we stayed, so was hubby. He has all of John Butler’s albums now, and I can sing most of the songs. Which are marvy in so many ways.

    Don’t know if these links will get you where I want you to go, but here they are, FWIW.


    Just sayin’. Rock on!

    1. Susan! My evil plan is at work! I’d never heard of John Butler Trio but 19 seconds into that song from the link you gave and I have a new music crush. Holy cow, that guy is good. I know my Depeche boys like to frequent the Bowery Ballroom so I’m a bit jealous of you at the moment for that too. I’d also never heard that Tristan Prettyman son, Say Anything, but it was great and I loved watching her play guitar so seamlessly. Thank you for sharing!!!!!

      1. And your post got me thinking, so I looked up his tour dates and bought tickets to NYC Summerstage in June! AND he’ll be a Wolftrap this summer as well! So get on board and see him – it’s truly magical.

        1. Oh wow! My Virginia bucket list includes a trip to Wolf Trap before I leave. Susan, our music stars are aligned!! Enjoy your Summerstage show!

  2. Can’t remember the main acts much less the opening acts. For example, I know I went to the a Bob Dylan concert and all I remember is being pucked on. It was the 70’s!

    1. Hahahahahahaha, Oh No Anna! But holy heck that is very cool that you saw Bob Dylan. 🙂 Poor Sarrie from Touch of Sin has a similar experience as you but with Luke’s little brother No-No. 🙂

  3. My favorite opening act story is about a singer named Willy Porter. He opened for Tori Amos while I was in college and had the liberty to drive many miles with my friends to see her multiple times. He was her opener when she played in Columbia SC (I had front row tickets) and the crowd was downright RUDE. They didn’t want to see this guy play guitar and sing, they wanted to see TORI.

    He spoke into the mic and said, “This is my last song for the night”–the asshole crowd CHEERED–“and it’s called “Roadkill.”” He then proceeded to MELT EVERYONE’S BRAINS WITH THE MOST AMAZING LIVE GUITAR PLAYING EVER.

    The crowd went wild. I hope they all realized what jerks they’d been.

    Later that year, my crazy friends and I went to see Tori play at Madison Square Gardens. It was a fairy tale trip. Second row seats this time. I met Sarah McLachlan, who was also in the audience. Guess who opened? Willy Porter. From the moment he walked on stage, the crowd was screaming their love and chanting “Roadkill!”

    I’m a little sad that Willy Porter didn’t really go on to come some amazing virtuoso after that…but being there to witness his vindication was something I will remember for the rest of my life. 🙂

    1. *caveat: I say EVER, because it was the most amazing guitar playing I have ever witnessed. I am not old enough to have seen Jimi Hendrix live.

      1. Alethea! That story ROCKS! I’d never heard of Willy Porter but now I have, thanks to you! I’m gonna go check him out and experience his awesomeness. I truly don’t think it matters what order you play in, it’s about how many people you touch. Willy sounds sublime. 🙂 And poo to rude people!!!

    2. I just checked out Willy Porter! I couldn’t find Roadkill but came upon a song of his called Moonbeam which he sweetly dedicated to his dad’s spirit. And man, he really does play a guitar beautifully. How does he move his fingers like that? So fast but so calm and with a pretty sound. Thank you princess!

  4. My favorite opening act of alltime has to be……. wait for it…… wait for it….. LUKE BRYAN! Maureen and I had the pleasure of seeing him at KSON’s CountryFest one year and he was the opening act. Went on at 3:30pm and everything (gates opened at 3pm).

    He only had his first single out (All My Friends Say) and he was just so cute. I’m so proud of all of the success that he has had since that first time I saw him perform =)

    1. That is so cool. I love hearing about those “Way back when” stories. I have yet to see Luke Bryan so I’m just gonna live vicariously through you. I bet he puts on a fun show. 🙂

  5. I have only been to a handful of concerts – Elvis (with your mom), Chicago, Country Joe & the Fish, Dwight Yoakam, Brooks & Dunn and George Jones. The only one I remember even having an opening act was George Jones’ – and it was either Tanya Tucker or Patty Loveless! Back then they called him “No show Jones” because it was 50/50 whether he’d be sober enough to make it. This was at the Lakeside rodeo grounds.

    1. Oh my goodness, love this story Aunt Terry! I remember seeing Guns n Roses and I think Sound Garden opened for them but there could easily have been an entire band in between because it took soooooo long for Guns to come out. 🙂 They sure were good when they hit the stage though. I was just wondering if Elvis ever “opened” for anyone before he became the King. Thank you for sharing!

  6. My first live concert was the 1962 T.A.M.I./Bandstand show headlining The Beachboys so everyone else “opened” for them … Chuck Berry, Jan & Dean, The Miracles, The Rip Chords, Dick & DeeDee, April & Nino, Paul & Paula, Dorsey Burnett, Gary “US” Bonds, Eddy Cochran, etc! They were all awesome to this 12 yr old fan & I’ve been hooked on live music ever since! Old, new, local, international, known, unknown – live music forever gifts us with the songs of our life.

    1. My. Mom. Everyone. XOXO Now you know where I get it from. 😉 Love you Mom. I can’t believe you remember all those bands from a show when you were 12! You rock!

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