On the Road

April is traditionally a brutal month for me, full of conferences, writing retreats, Easter, lots of miles on the car and limited sleep. This year, I slept in four different beds over the course of two weeks. I’ve packed, unpacked and repacked so many times that at this point I am seriously considering installing a California Closet in the trunk of my car. And let’s not forget that I have little-to-no control over the food I get to eat.

So how does all this traveling bode for my weight loss goals and The Sparkle Plan?

Yeah… not so great.

Why is it when we travel different rules suddenly apply? For example, I never eat Combos. I like them, but they’re not something I buy. Yet, every time I’m in an airport, the first thing I do after I pass through security is buy a big pack of cheddar cheese Combos.

I drink coffee with skim milk every day. Yet, when I’m in a hotel, all of a sudden I’m adding full fat cream to my cup of much-needed caffeine.

How often do I include a roll with real butter with my meals? Um, never. Accept when I’m eating at a conference luncheon or dinner. That’s when I become Queen of the Carbs.

Working out? Besides running from my hotel room to event, and meeting room to exposition floor, I’m not getting anywhere near the needed exercise. The Diva Kerr-ina

This is Month 4 (can you believe it!) of my completely made-up weight loss plan called The Sparkle Plan. (Check out last month’s entry here.) Typically I talk about my big and small goals and set new goals for the upcoming month. But this time around, I thought I would do it a little differently.

I am rebounding from my month of travel. I have been reunited with my dog, Harry (yay!!!!!) and I get to stay in one place for an entire week! I have a goal this week of going for a run four times. (My back is still healing but I can run about 1 mile now.) I am not eating after dinner and I’m taking Harry for lots of walks.

Here’s where you help.

We’ve all traveled. We’ve all had those rough months where you think it’s impossible to get everything done. And sometimes, we need to ask for help. So help please!

Tell me in the comments your tips, tricks and suggestions for staying on your diet/exercise routine while busy or how to rebound when you are finally off the road.


*I am not a doctor or anything close to a doctor. In fact, I wouldn’t even be able to play a doctor on TV – sick people, even people pretending to be sick, annoy me. Always consult your own physician before embarking on any fitness or eating plan.