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April is traditionally a brutal month for me, full of conferences, writing retreats, Easter, lots of miles on the car and limited sleep. This year, I slept in four different beds over the course of two weeks. I’ve packed, unpacked and repacked so many times that at this point I am seriously considering installing a California Closet in the trunk of my car. And let’s not forget that I have little-to-no control over the food I get to eat.

So how does all this traveling bode for my weight loss goals and The Sparkle Plan?

Yeah… not so great.

Why is it when we travel different rules suddenly apply? For example, I never eat Combos. I like them, but they’re not something I buy. Yet, every time I’m in an airport, the first thing I do after I pass through security is buy a big pack of cheddar cheese Combos.

I drink coffee with skim milk every day. Yet, when I’m in a hotel, all of a sudden I’m adding full fat cream to my cup of much-needed caffeine.

How often do I include a roll with real butter with my meals? Um, never. Accept when I’m eating at a conference luncheon or dinner. That’s when I become Queen of the Carbs.

Working out? Besides running from my hotel room to event, and meeting room to exposition floor, I’m not getting anywhere near the needed exercise. The Diva Kerr-ina

This is Month 4 (can you believe it!) of my completely made-up weight loss plan called The Sparkle Plan. (Check out last month’s entry here.) Typically I talk about my big and small goals and set new goals for the upcoming month. But this time around, I thought I would do it a little differently.

I am rebounding from my month of travel. I have been reunited with my dog, Harry (yay!!!!!) and I get to stay in one place for an entire week! I have a goal this week of going for a run four times. (My back is still healing but I can run about 1 mile now.) I am not eating after dinner and I’m taking Harry for lots of walks.

Here’s where you help.

We’ve all traveled. We’ve all had those rough months where you think it’s impossible to get everything done. And sometimes, we need to ask for help. So help please!

Tell me in the comments your tips, tricks and suggestions for staying on your diet/exercise routine while busy or how to rebound when you are finally off the road.


*I am not a doctor or anything close to a doctor. In fact, I wouldn’t even be able to play a doctor on TV – sick people, even people pretending to be sick, annoy me. Always consult your own physician before embarking on any fitness or eating plan.

8 thoughts on “On the Road

  1. Kerri Hero! Darn Combos! I know exactly what you mean about the weird change we all go through when traveling. It was a very hard thing to do, but summer two years ago, I drove from VA to CA, just me and my son. On our snack stops, I decided to try the banana the convenience store had by the checkout instead of the yummy Combos. And, since I was already literally vibrating from being on the road in a truck for so long, I skipped the cappuccino machine and grabbed a water. Guess what? I totally survived, stayed awake and felt great on my fruit and agua! I didn’t feel that heart-burny, upset stomach that traditional road snacks give you when you’ve been living on them for days on end. So that’s my advice. Skip the Combos and go for the banana. I know, I’m a genius. 😉

  2. As you guys know, mr Silver travels. A lot. He used to be seriously overweight thanks to poor choices on the road., such as a snickers for dinner in an airport, never working out, and a travel bag full of junk food to snack on. He lost a lot of weight by making better food choices and always pre planning his workout plan by calling the hotels ahead of time to learn about the gym and if the hotel didn’t have one, he”d find out what the local gym was and call them for a short term guest pass. Gyms almost always give these for free to prospective members. And now he carries healthy snacks in his travel bag. It’s really hard to find time to exercise on the road, but there is time. It just may come really early in the morning or really late after a day of meetings. It takes discipline of which I’m sadly lacking. Maybe mr silver can loan me some.

  3. The same year Carlene did her cross-country trip, so did I–with five kids. It was awful for my diet. I arranged to stay in places that gave free breakfasts so i wouldn’t have to think about the added stop. BIG MISTAKE. Maybe not for my kids because they can eat anything and not gain a pound. Being frugal and equally militant about not stopping every couple hours, I ate those big breakfasts. Then I ate those late lunches on the road. And then ate the dinner after we checked in to the hotel. So, three VERY square meals a day, snacking on the road and no exercise led to a tremendous weight gain. So bad that I had a conference the week after I arrived in Anaheim, and I seriously couldn’t fit into my dresses.
    I’m driving to Texas from Virginia for this year’s RWA conference, but this time I’ll be by myself, and I’ll make better choices. At least I hope so.
    I feel you, Kerri. Traveling and weight loss don’t work together that well.
    I’m sure your Sparkle Plan will gain some momentum now that Spring is here. It almost makes me want to get out there and walk. Almost.

  4. Traveling does pose problems and lower ambitions all around. Long days lead to bad decisions at night. The simple answer is there’s no right answer for this. Airports are always a major land mind because you’re just sitting there – usually – for awhile before said plane arrives. Snacks are plentiful and after starring at them for some time one naturally wants to chomp on them. A simple solution for this is to bring gum with you. A lot of gum. Mints too. Something, anything, to keep your jaw occupied so it does not want junk food. Also water is key. Sure you will be that person who gets up a few times in a short flight because you had so much water, but it helps.

    Hotel stays – for you due to writing retreats and such – are usually not that bad. Make a schedule for getting to the gym, and stick to it from Day 1. Once you do it one time you are golden the rest of your time. Everyone has 30 plus minutes in a day to spend exercising, you just have to want to do it.

    As for the rebound, make sure you spend a few days recharging and then take it one day at a time. You’re not going to get it all back at once. This is key to remember. If you think of all the randomness/bad decisions you made over the last month you will get frustrated over the lack of immediate results and possibly injury yourself from pushing too hard.

    Crazy months happen and The Sparkle Plan seemed like a year-long event. You won’t be a saint for 12-months, but the key is to stay on track most of the year. One day at a time.

  5. I just read about this in Sunday magazine…do not eat from the entire carton, bag, etc. Dole out healthy snacks in a portion bag. Include fresh fruit, veggies, dip and drink plenty of water. There was some other stuff but I don’t remember what it was. Par your cark far away in parking lot and use the stairs (even if you have to wear sneaks! and carry your shoes). Also read, when you eat out , besides your entre and sides, use the 2 rule, i.e., you can have a drink and appetizer or bread and drink, or dessert and drink, but just two things. I think that is what I read but I could be mistaken because I am having my mid morning attack of munchies!!!

  6. Great blog. It definitely is something most women (and men) worry about. I don’t have a lot to say, but airports are often great for walking if you either don’t have too much stuff or are traveling with someone who can watch it. I’ve walked miles while waiting for a flight and the people watching is great.

    My only hint about food is to try to stay good and healthy right from the start. I find that once I give in I am gone and in junk mode. The only exception is if I plan a splurge — publisher cocktail party or night out with friends. I do try to me sure my splurge is not the first night if possible. Try to build good habits (even if very small ones) right from the start.

    I like the idea of learning about the gym ahead of time. I hate doing anything for the first time — and going to a new gym is something I really, really, really hate. So calling might help me get over the hurdle of no knowing and therefor not doing.

  7. I just got home in the wee hours this morning from my third trip in a week. What helps me when I travel is to walk as much as possible. I don’t worry much about what I eat at meals while I’m away — enjoying new restaurants is part of the fun of visiting a different city — but if I’m going to “cheat” with appetizers and/or desserts, I try to choose a healthier fish or seafood entree. Also, I drink only water and limit snacks to fresh fruit and veggies.

    Someone gave me a travel tip a few years ago that’s helped a lot. Many times, when you get the urge to snack while traveling, you’re actually dehydrated rather than hungry because you’re more active and away from your normal routine. When I started drinking more water while I travel, I was able to curb the snacking.

  8. Traveling is never easy, Kerri! I don’t travel nearly as much as you, but I try to rely on healthier choices and plenty of hydration. And I try to find a gym and get some stretching and cardio in. I never get it down perfect, however. We’re human! <3

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