Marketing 101: What in the Heck is a Gif (Not Gift Misspelled Either!)?

I woke up in a sweat. There were video images racing through my mind, short, no sound, with words moving across the bottom, or sides or the top, and sometimes with thought bubbles – words and images capturing a feeling, an energy, a world of emotion in one quick glance, and you were like yeah, that’s it.

But darn it, what was it and why do I need to know MORE?

Well, they are called GIFs, the latest craze (actually a very old craze on the Internet), but with YouTube, Tumblr, and Google+, even Facebook, is playing with ‘motion-oriented’ images. In the realm of social media, GIFs have leapt to the forefront of marketing, making GIFs the hot new darling of 2014.

So what does it mean to authors marketing books, or social media mavens who want to use the latest, greatest – you need to know what you’re working with for one…

GIF – the definition – animated image file formats. Sounds simple enough. There are a lots of websites and easy programs to use in creating your own GIF or going with some of the existing that fit the mood you’re in, or … whatever:)…see examples below…

Hopefully no-one notices how much weight you’ve gained over the weekend. You only ate one chocolate egg after all, right?


 It’s 5.55am, and here you are. Look how happy and relaxed you are…


 There are a  bunch of websites where you can find GIFs and use them on with favorite social media tool. But also think about the fun you could have with characters from your book if you also knew how to make your own GIFs. There are some spots on the internet that explain how with and without Photoshop…

Or just Google GIFs – thousands of stuff out there to work with…




 Or what I should be doing instead of googling GIFs for two hours, right?


Okay, I’m having way too much fun writing this post. Feel free to respond with your favorite GIF, or share ideas on ways you can add them to your social media marketing toolkit! It will grab readers’ attention…



7 thoughts on “Marketing 101: What in the Heck is a Gif (Not Gift Misspelled Either!)?

  1. Denny,
    The whole idea makes me break out into hives. I remember when I sent my first tweet, and I felt like I was going to upchuck on my laptop. I really need to pull on my big girl panties and learn to do this stuff.
    I’m definitely checking out those links. Loved your GIFs, BTW. 🙂 Especially Jim Carrey at the typewriter. Which is where I should be right now instead of getting distracted by social media yet again.
    Off to revise. For real this time. All week I’ve been SAYING it, but I’m actually gonna DO it now. Really! See me going??? I’m gonnnnnnnnne…….

  2. Cracking me up, Kim. And yes, I do love that Jim Carrey one…because Lord knows my fingers should be aching from all the typing – but it would be even better if the words made sense…you know? Don’t worry – this stuff ain’t going no where – when you’re ready to dive in – you’ll dive, and if you have questions – ask moi:)!

  3. I’m with Kim – learning to gif gives me the cold sweats. Must I? Although, if I can make a gif like Jim Carrey (fab dude of my dreams – if I can be a funny as him, we’re all going to Monte Carlo)…

    Enough! Lunch, then writing! Stop distracting me! (promises to google “gif” this evening)

  4. Great post! Motion breeds engagement and the GIF is a great format to amp any digital marketing content. Although creating good GIFs used to be a hassle, great tools are now available to do the heavy lifting. Check out Cinegif for instance, they provide the latest in Flex Media content.

  5. Thank you for sharing your marketing brilliance, Denny! I love GIFs, but I never would have thought of using them for marketing a book. Love it!

  6. Denny, sorry I’m so late in getting to this post. I love it! I love your GIF’s here. Cats are always good and Jim Carrey, genius! I am definitely bookmarking this so I can make my own. Have you personally made any from scratch or personalized just for Denny S. Bryce? Thank you for sharing this awesome tool!

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