Famous Jammies

There’s a link that’s gone viral — a family’s 2013 Christmas Card performance called “Christmas Jammies.” And when I say viral I mean it — since it was uploaded on December 11, this video has been watched over SEVEN MILLION TIMES.

Here it is, in case you haven’t had the pleasure — it’s really cute & super fun for the whole family! (Here’s the link for those who can’t see the video embed: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2kjoUjOHjPI )

Most of the comments say things like, “I love these people!” and “I want to be part of this family!” when in reality, if most of us presented our kids with matching Christmas PJs on December first and told them we were all going to rehearse a family video that would be LIVE ON YOUTUBE FOR ALL THEIR FRIENDS TO SEE, the result would be massive rolling eyes and filing for emancipation.

These are the things I thought when I watched this video. Did you notice how it’s not only a Christmas card, but also a promotion for their new family business? Yup, snuck that in there with a hashtag and everything.

Those of us who live our lives in front of the world…this is what it looks like.

FUN, right?

I’m a renaissance woman of the 21st century — I’m on just about every social media site and have my own YouTube channel. The Fairy Godboyfriend’s latest idea is for me to play the Marvel Lego videogame on a live Twitch feed so that my fans can watch me play Captain America.

And all of this *is* fun. If it wasn’t, I wouldn’t do it.

Except…the part where we can’t go grocery shopping without considering the potential promotional angle, and everyone hates us because they assume we are happy & enthusiastic 365 days a year.

We are the workaholics that never stop…but we love what we do. It helps when our family loves it too.

The up side? We can write OUR ENTIRE LIVES off on our taxes.
And if you’re smiling, then we’re doing our jobs right.

So what’s your take on this viral Christmas business? How many of you think the son or daughter will grow up to be movie stars…and how many think they will simply¬† demand this video be removed from the internet?

12 thoughts on “Famous Jammies

  1. Cute yes, but I also knew they were actors, or video producers, and/or business owners (and they are all of the above:)…smart promotion that hit bigger than they could have hoped.

    1. Oh yes, the production value was exceptionally high, and when it was sung that mom appeared on screen with Iron Man…well, that sort of put it all together.

      But you’re right — can’t shake a stick at that promotion! We can only slow clap and hope that something we do strikes home as well as this.

  2. Well, at least they said it was a shameless plug – hahaha! Overall, I’m a big fan of the creativity and jealous that they were in Iron Man!

    Stayed tuned for next year when Harry and I make our Xmas video entitled, Have Yourself a Harry/Kerri Little Christmas. Coming in December 2014.

      You are so mean.

      I agree that the message of this is overall a happy family who works together. I wish there were more messages like this out there!

    1. I’m curious when you got turned off. I think my ears perked up at Mom being in Iron Man…but heck, my bestie’s on Boardwalk Empire all the time as an extra, and I’m immensely proud of her too, so I told myself to suck it up and kept watching.

  3. Definitely cute, but the whole thing reeks of such blatant promotion that I’m surprised anyone thought of it as a family Christmas card for a second. And really, if it were a Christmas card, would you be that brag-gy? That doesn’t mean I don’t think it is brilliant marketing, because it is. Good for them.

    1. Oh, we’ve read Christmas cards that braggy! So far, our favorite to date includes the mom’s weight and how much money they spent on landscaping. *eep* *giggles*
      Kass and I turned it into a drinking game.

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