A Brand New Year: A Brand New Me!

Denny's MermaidsWell, world, here’s the announcement you’ve been waiting for:)! No, not that one. And definitely, not that one (seriously? seriously, I can’t believe you thought that!).

I’m getting a face lift! I know you sit there and wonder what took me so long to make that call? But another no, not that face, I mean Denny Mermaid is getting a face lift! or should I say a new avatar! Look below for the gorgeous new me, courtesy of Lee Moyer (the graphic designer, illustrator, artist extraordinaire) and our own friendly pond-hopping princess, Mermaid Alethea Kontis.

Can you believe it? I was hanging out on Facebook, and Alethea tagged me on a comment and that’s how this love story began. I haven’t met Lee in person yet, but after a few emails, a visit to his website, and of course, his permission to use this gorgeous beauty below, I was hooked. And my new love is here to stay!

The perfect Mermaid goddess, don’t you think? Alethea saw it and thought of me, and since these two mega talents are buddies, he agreed to allow me to use this fabulous image.

And the other fantastic news, Lee also has agreed to an interview here at the Mermaid Pond in early 2014. Look for that extraordinary conversation in the beginning of the new year.

In the meantime, if I used the image below as a book cover, what’s the name of the book, and if she is a shifter who dwells in the sea, who is the hero of her destiny? (And yeah, I’m going to write this book, too). Inspiration!!!! (And I think the story will be rather sexy, too:)! Yeah, that’s what I said!

Denny (PortRoyale)