Your Cave is My Castle

For those non-writers reading this, allow me to introduce a common expression among writers: “Off to the writing cave.” This is how we tell people that we are going to work.

Are writers really going into a cave? I sure hope not. But hey, no judging from this corner. If dark, dank caves are your thing, or they help get the writing juju flowing, good for you.

But for me? I am not going into a cave – real or fictional. Yuck – caves are gross! Why would I even want to pretend to go in one?  The Diva Kerr-ina

I don’t know who started this cave business but I have to assume it was a writer. Shame shame. We are the most creative people on the planet. We develop completely different worlds with mixed breed characters who can also shape shift or travel through time. A typical night has us living amongst magical entities or smokin’ hot alpha male firefighters who love kittens and can look in our eyes and “just know” what we’re thinking. We take an ordinary small town and make it into a place where everyone wants to live.

But we’re stuck in a freaking cave?

I don’t think so. I’m not going into a cave. Honestly, I don’t even go camping.

What’s that? Caves are just a metaphorical term for head space. Well, guess what? My head does not want to be in a space that evokes images of bats, creepy crawlers and mud. My head needs to be somewhere palatial.

That’s why I’m crawling out of the cave and doing my writing in a castle. I’m envisioning a beautiful lake or ocean outside the windows as a heavenly breeze flows through the beautiful silk curtains.

I’m seeing a super-hot male waiter who brings me all my favorite treats; treats that just so happen to have zero calories. I weigh twenty pounds less and I’ve paid off my mortgage. My dog, Harry, frolics happily through the lush gardens as a light scent of lavender permeates the room.

Yes, this sounds like a much happier place to me.

While every other writer is crawling back into their cave, they should consider following me instead. Meanwhile, I’m off to the writing castle.