“This Is the Happiest Day of My Life!”

This has been a good week for books in my household.

First, this lot of Daisy Meadows’ Rainbow Fairies books arrived in the mail.

photo (17)

A little background. My kiddo’s been OBSESSED with these fairy books for the last couple months. We read a new one every single night. Her imaginative play has been filled with all sorts of fairy magic. And three guess as to what she’s going to be for Halloween.

I’ve been borrowing these books from the library, but kiddo’s been begging me to buy them. I had the brilliant idea of getting the books used from eBay, and after a week of stalking the mail, they arrived.

Kiddo’s reaction? “This is the happiest day of my life!”

Oh my goodness, I remember that feeling well. When I was a kid, books were my dearest, most precious possessions. I systematically worked my way through the children’s section of our public library, and every birthday, I asked for books, books, and more books.

You can imagine my thrill in seeing kiddo share my joy for stories.

Not only was I thrilled, but I was also inspired. So I ordered another lot from eBay, and it arrived yesterday.

photo (18)

K.A. Applegate’s Animorphs series. This was *my* favorite series when I was a kid. Okay, so I wasn’t really a kid. But it’s been a good fifteen years since I’ve read these books, and I still remember them with great fondness. That counts, right?

I cannot wait to share these books with my kiddos and see if they love them as much as I do.

Happy days, indeed.

Now, it’s your turn! Please share. What were your favorite series of books as a kid? What about right now? When was the last time you had the “happiest day of your life” feeling?

10 thoughts on ““This Is the Happiest Day of My Life!”

  1. Love seeing all those colorful books together, Pintip 🙂 It would be pretty hard not to smile at that. My favorite series as a kid was the Choose Your Own Adventures. It was fun to read them until I’d gone through every possible outcome. What makes me happy is seeing my son loving his own things now–any book about Star Wars or World War 2. Currently we are reading Ender’s Game and hope to be finished before the movie comes out Nov. 1st. 🙂

    1. Thank you Carlene! I used to love the Choose Your Own Adventure books too! And Ender’s Game? One of my favs of all time! I hope you and your son enjoy it. I’m so excited for the movie! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Pintip,
    Isn’t if fun to be as excited as our kids about books? I love when they’re old enough to read the books that you like as well. Not that I didn’t love a few fairy books, but the older/YA books are the ones my three oldest and I enjoy reading now.
    Two of my kids read ENDER’S GAME with me this summer, so we’re excited to see the movie. Thanks for the recommendation! 🙂
    We didn’t have much money when I was a kid, but I remember coming home from school with the book/poster magazines where you could order and just begging my mom for the books. She always found the money. And every time I would get my bag of books at school, I would feel that Christmas-morning-excitement. 🙂
    So, I get your daughter’s feeling very well. My kids are like that when I newly released book arrives in the mail. We are waiting for the newest Rick Riordan now…
    Fun post, Pintip. Makes me remember so fondly that childhood excitement for reading. And it’s certainly grown with me. I still get excited to crack open a new book.

  3. Kim, I so agree. I am always so envious of you for being able to trade and discuss books with your kids! Not that I don’t love those fairy books (and Junie B. Jones and Animorphs! I LOVE me those Animorphs!) but I am looking forward to the time when my kids’ tastes are more aligned with mine.
    And YES, there is nothing quite like the feeling of cracking upon a highly anticipated book. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Ahhh- I love this post. It’s so sweet and made me really happy! Yay for fairy books and best days or our lives!

    My favorite series when I was a kid – well, a little older – more preteen – was The Babysitter’s Club. OMG!!! Loved those freaking books. In fact, there is a big box of them at my parents house and when I go home for holidays I always read a couple. Still amazing!

    1. OMG! I loved The Babysitter’s Club too!! So. Much. Fun. I think it’s awesome that you still re-read them. I haven’t, but I’m going to! I too, have boxes of TBC in storage, and the plan was, as my kids get older, I’ll dig them out and get to experience the magic all over again. But now that you’ve reminded me about TBC, I kinda don’t want to wait a few years… I may have to go dig them up right now! Lol.

      Thanks for stopping by, Kerri!

  5. Okay, I’ve got a few years on some of your choices – and never had girls:)…but my favorite series that made be happy were Ann of Green Gables and A Wrinkle in Time series (and oh, these were dang old when I fell in love with them). Love the post, Pintip!

    1. Denny, I LOVED both of those. I’m beginning to think I’m going to love every single series that’s mentioned. Lol. But ESPECIALLY Anne of Green Gables. (Shame on you, Denny, for not remembering Anne with an “e”! Pivotal scene, along with Anne smashing her slate on Gilbert’s head. Sigh.)
      Thanks for reminding me and making me smile!!!

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