Thank You Friends

Since I don’t have anything prolific to spout this lovely hump day, I thought I’d take a moment to simply say thank you to the Mermaids and all our friends.  Writing can be a solitary effort, despite the plethora of social media.  But once in a while, it’s wonderful to trek to a beautiful wooded retreat, nestled quietly on an edge of a lake and enjoy good food and laughter with other writer friends.  It’s that extra pick me that is sometimes sorely needed.  As I wallowed in a tempest of silly conversation, thoughtful reflection and giddy laughter, I realized the preciousness of those moments.  At a time when we don’t know if a sick individual will put a bullet in our back as we head to work, it’s wonderful to take that time to smell the pages.  And it’s best done with wonderful friends.  Thank you Mermaids… and friends.