Happy Birthday to Me!

I’m in a great mood this week. I leave for my annual vacation on Friday. Plus, my birthday is next week. (I’m actually not excited about turning another year older but let’s all ignore that, shall we?)

I’ve been a very sparkly busy bee packing all the books I want to take to the beach with me this year. Since this post is all about me – because, you know, I’m the one writing it – I thought I would take this opportunity to give you all a short history of my beach reading interests.

Me looking lovely during last year's bday at the beach.

Me looking lovely during last year’s bday at the beach.

Reading on the beach is the best! I love a really good romantic suspense (hold the serial killer – they scare me) while I’m running my pedicured toes through the sand. One of my all-time favorite beach reads was one of the few Nicolas Sparks’ books that wasn’t turned into a movie, The Guardian. It featured love, suspense and a dog. Add some pizza and glitter and that would pretty much hit all my buttons.

When I was younger, my passion was The Baby-sitter’s Club series. I don’t even know how many of those books my poor parents had to buy me. But they were my all-time favorite and I devoured them. Favorite baby-sitter was Claudia. She had her own phone line and almond-shaped eyes. She also liked junk food and couldn’t spell. (Those who haven’t read the BSC books think I just went off the deep end. Those who’ve read them know EXACTLY what I’m talking about!)

As I got older, I developed an unhealthy addiction to soap operas, which segued quite naturally into Sweet Valley Twins and later, Sweet Valley High. Interestingly, I originally favored Elizabeth – her bedroom was blue and she wrote for the newspaper – but in later books I turned to Jessica and her wild ways. Jessica was a member of the Unicorns, an exclusive club founded by her rich BFF, Lila Fowler. You had to wear purple to be in it. Jessica tried to get Elizabeth in… but no go.

High school and early college life saw a slight obsession with Michael Crichton. But other than that, I was floundering. I tried some semi-intelligent books, but let’s face it. While good, The Great Gatsby and Catcher in the Rye are not your best beach options.

Everything changed during the summer between my junior and senior year of college when my mom handed me a paperback and said, “try this one.” It was Nora Roberts’ Sea Swept and I could NOT put it down. By the next month, I’d read about 15 other Nora titles. A week later I started writing my very first romance novel. And having a Nora book, along with about twenty other romance options, at the beach is now mandatory. The rest is history….


To celebrate my birth – and really, just cuz I feel like it – I’m giving away a $10 Amazon gift card. Here are the rules: Tell me your favorite beach book, or your favorite books from childhood, or really any era of books. In fact, just talk about some books in the comments and I’ll pick my favorite. Is it fair? Not so much. But it’s my party so you can cry if you want to. To make it really unfair, contest is only valid if more than ten people comment. (I do not count as one of these people.) So tell your friends and good luck!