How A Mermaid Discovered Her Super Power…

Mermaid CarlenePsst, yes you fishy friend.  Lean in a little closer because I have a secret to share.  I recently overheard something extraordinary being discussed by King Neptune and his court.  It turns out every mermaid has one magical scale located somewhere on her tail giving her the ability to walk on land and live in water.  Sadly, for her own protection, this wondrous scale’s location remains secret because of the time when mer-people were hunted for their magic.

I, however, had the worst itch my first winter living on the east coast and couldn’t stop scratching at this one particular fold on the underside of my fin.  I nagged at it so much that I loosened a scale.  Not knowing what else to do with it, I tucked it under my pillow that night as if it were a tooth.  Naturally.

Talk about vivid dreams!  There were heroes and heroines, and all kinds of drama and tragedy.

A laugh or two here and there.

A kiss.  Okay, lots of kisses.

And a clock.  A ticking clock with my face for its face!  When I awoke, I was sure I had scratched off “The Scale”.  Yep, the big one.  It would allow me to choose when andMermaid Dreaming where my fins would be exchanged for feet and reminded me that the time is always right when it comes to following your dreams.  And, this scale’s magic revealed my secret super power…

So back I go, with a blush and a grin, to the grotto where I shall delight in writing the Beginning and the End.

For I am a Romance Writer 🙂

Fishy Kisses,

Carlene Mermaid



14 thoughts on “How A Mermaid Discovered Her Super Power…

  1. My secret super power would involve cooking, cleaning, and chauffeuring my kids. In other words, all these tasks done by someone else while I read and write.

  2. Carlene,
    I love your super power. This must be the super, super, super-duper power because you have oh, so many of them! Like being ultra-lucky. And more important, the nicest mermaid I’ve ever met. Sorry to the rest of the mermaids in the lagoon, but I’m pretty sure they’d agree, too.
    Love that your scale showed you a power that you love. 🙂

    1. Aww Kim, thank you 🙂 So I say your super, super, super-duper power is making people laugh and smile. Amongst the many others 😉

  3. I want a super power! I want a super power! What’s mine??? *Kerri dances in her desk chair impatiently*

    1. Silly Kerri Mermaid, you’re a romance writer of course! As such you have the power to control the elements to paint the most superb romantic settings. And you also induce ridiculous, uncontrollable laughter with your witty prose and sparkly sense of humor. xoxo

    1. Hahahahaha. I’m tellin’ ya, the mermaids are some funny chicks! When you discover that super power scale Masha Mermaid, be sure and share it with the rest of us! Hugs 🙂

  4. I think your super power involves your boys (I mean your mer-men) … Adrian & Aidan, Casey & Dino! Love you! 😉

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