Writing is a tough business. There’s a lot of rejection, self-doubt, insecurity, jealousy and weight gain. (Yup, you read that last one right.)

I have fallen victim to all of the above listed boo-boo feelings of ickiness. And I bet a lot of other writers have too.

The Diva Kerr-inaThen, one day in the middle of feeling sorry for myself, a coworker told me a story that was eerily similar to whatever recent travesty I was mulling over. Except, he wasn’t talking about writing. No, he was talking about something completely and vastly different.

And that’s when I realized that life is full of setbacks, not just for me, but everyone. (I’m real quick, huh!) Everyone goes through rejection at some point. Everyone feels insecurity and self-doubt and jealousy. Most of us also gain weight from time-to-time. I’m not so unique after all.

So I’ve decided in my commonplace state of loserdom, it’s time to celebrate some of the less losery things about me. (My Mom and BFF have both just rolled their eyes. They’ve been telling me to do this for years!)

Big sunglasses

Do I look like a loser to you?

Guess what? I’m not doing this alone. It’s time to celebrate ourselves. So forget about how fat you’ve become or what a jealous loser you are. Start listing your achievements – no matter how big or small – and take a moment to be proud of your own awesomesauceness. Go!



I won the “Hold Me! Thrill Me” writing contest in my category.

I am a finalist in the “Linda Howard Award of Excellence” contest.

I bought a condo by myself without any help.

I’m really good at Zumba.

I’m good at accessorizing.

My Mermaid Avatar is super hot!


YOU’RE TURN! Remember, no matter how big or small, take some time to brag about yourself today.

7 thoughts on “Awesomesauceness

  1. I give my kids pep talks all the time. I finally decided to include myself. I look around and realize I’ m a lucky duck. I’ve never tried Zumba, but I’m glad you’re good at it.

  2. Aww, how fun and what an awesomesauce list Kerri Mermaid, detailed only as you could do it!

    My List:

    -I didn’t cry or cringe at my kiddo’s tackle rugby practice last night
    -When hubby (who just retired from the army) asked me to bleach his beautiful black hair with my leftover blondisimo, I made the right call and only did one stripe in his bangs that I knew would grow out quickly
    -Depeche Mode’s webmaster said Good morning to me on Twitter
    -This summer I will have three published books out in the universe

  3. Fun post Kerri Mermaid.. and timely.
    Here is mine
    1. family is healthy
    2. got a raise at work
    3. lost 1 lb (whoo hoo!.. not!).. 🙂
    4. talked to a great agent
    5. am alive

  4. I must say, it is hard for me to think about what I have accomplished and I would much rather point out the accomplishments of those around me. And well, it is hard. So I completely understand where you are coming from. I do know that when anyone is in a funk it does help to think about what you are good at instead of the funk. Soooo… I guess am a pretty good a putting things together and honestly enjoy DIY projects. I also painted 500 sq feet of an apartment while pregnant and still smiling.

    I totally want to try Zumba too!!

    Thanks for sharing you blog and congrats to everyone accomplishments 🙂

  5. I’ve definitely fallen victim to the weight gain. Someone a while back mentioned the “debut author 15” on Twitter and I didn’t believe them.

    Guess I should’ve.

    But you know what, I don’t really mind it so much because I’m now a published author and both of my books are doing reallllly well.

    So, yay, for the debut author 15!

  6. – After a year of mourning my mother’s death – reading lots of romance – I started writing it and got published a few years later.

    – I have two amazing children who are good good people.

    – I’m 44 today so that’s just awesomeness in itself!

  7. Happy birthday, Joy! That is awesomesauce itself!

    Hmmm, what am I proud of?

    I lost weight on Weight Watchers and I’m on my way!
    I ordered a cool lightweight suit case for traveling Nationals, and the second candidate is in transit and I get to compare both!
    Gail Barrett (yay!) is going to look at my synopsis next week so I can submit it! After all, I won that critique at WRWDC’s retreat, so double yay!
    I bought a car without any help, other than hand-holding. Qualified, negotiated price AND financing and set up automatic payments. All. By. Myself.

    Okay, that’s enough self congratulations. Back to the writing cave.

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