I might be a Scandal fan . . . or maybe not.

Okay friends – I’ve been writing non-stop forever so I don’t want to talk about writing. Let’s talk about TV instead.

I am a TV snob. I admit it. I watched every episode of all ten years

Photo courtesy of ABC

Photo courtesy of ABC

of Buffy the Vampire Slayer (oh – the genius of Whedon) and gave up TV for an entire year after it went off because nothing was good enough – I kid you not.

I give a show three episodes to grab me or they lose me forever. And if you piss me off with a stupid move in Season 7 (like say . . . Bones?)

***beginning of rant****

I mean really? I stay with you through 6 seasons of “will they/won’t they” . . . I CRY with Boothe when Bones says she can’t love him on the 100th episode . . . and you fast forward over the summer and rob me of all the pleasure of seeing them get together and drop right into a full-blown relationship with a baby on the way? Bones . . . you are dead to me . . .

****end of rant****

So, I am am not an easy TV viewer to woo.

I recently watched the first season of Scandal on Netflix and I thought it had some really great parts. Olivia Pope is an amazing female character – strong but flawed- and the cast of characters (her Gladiators) are all damaged people with hidden pasts. And Tony Goldwyn . . . I have loved him since he played the villain in “Ghost”.

I LOVE the fact that the main couple is interracial. It’s. About. Time.

The political intrigue of the show doesn’t appeal at all. I live near DC and politics are tedious and not my idea of entertainment but I do love the twists and turns. I kept watching past episode three but I have to admit that my mind was wandering and I was resisting the urge to fast forward during episodes 6 & 7.

So, right now I’ve tagged Season Two for placement in my queue and I’m going to give it three more episodes.

So die-hard Gladiators – tell me why you think I should keep watching?


Robin Mermaid

5 thoughts on “I might be a Scandal fan . . . or maybe not.

  1. Because the writing is amazing and Jeff Perry was wasted on Grey’s Anatomy. Beware: the plot gets a little tedious in the last 1/3, but stick with it. I even got Joe hooked. Xox

  2. I don’t watch much tv. My problem is I start to critique and edit. Ever since Sam and Diane got together on Cheers, I’ve been wary of evolving relationships.

  3. You know I’d find my way over here sometime today…lol! I mean seriously, I went to a SCANDAL fan convention, so you know I have to comment:). I don’t pay any attention to the politics in the show. It’s like a Greek tragedy it’s played so big and so over-the-top, but I do love Fritz and Olivia, although it’s a dicey, dicey love affair. And yes, it is not a ROMANCE – it’s a sordid love story and I like the high drama and the relationships. So yeah, I’m a big fan. But it’s not The West Wing…:). Glad you are giving it a try Robin! Thanks for posting.

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