Help! My Tush is Getting Bigger–But I Have Deadlines!

Yes–goofy title but I shoot from the hip–which is part of my problem lately *sigh*. My hips have always been in trouble of causing conflicts–I could never do the ‘Bump’ without sending my dance partner into the next county.

And it hasn’t been getting any better sitting at my laptop on a daily basis trying to ‘bump’ out my next novel. 

I’ve read all the ideas from other authors in similar situations–let me see if you’ve heard of them, too:

  • Get up and move around every 15-20 minutes or so  (great idea if I wasn’t in a 1k1h frame of mind–so I try for after every session).
  • Keep healthy nibbles on hand to curb appetite  (this one from Weight Watchers meetings) –does baked tortilla chips and fresh salsa constitute healthy nibbles, as I sit at my laptop?
  • Go for a walk to clear mind and work out the kinks.  (This I do love to do but dealing with 20 mile an hour wind and cold days makes it difficult to force myself to get out there. Yeah, I’m chicken! But then it would probably be a great thing for my hot flashes–that have nothing to do with my sex scenes I’m writing.)
  • Plan healthy meals–(I laugh at this one, only because my hubby has been watching and drooling over Food Network shows that have nothing to do with healthy meals–and he’s the one who takes on the cooking–it’s his hobby.)

Okay, you get my drift–I’m looking for any excuse NOT to do the right thing.  I want satisfaction without having to sacrifice my writing time.  I’ve tried things but never found the right combination to maintain.

I’ve made a pact with hubby that we really do need to focus on our health. We are not getting any younger. I want to do things and go places with him as we go into our solitary years (if that really happens) as middle-aged adults.  I want changes but I don’t have the time to work out like a Hollywood Actress after giving birth. I’m an author who wants to work on my career and yet keep healthy doing so–behind a desk.

So I would love to hear from you on great suggestions–whether you are a writer yourself, or someone who has a desk job and trying to find the time in your schedule to work out.  Please, any help and ideas would be greatly appreciated!

Raising my cup of vanilla bean latte to you all (which could be part of my problem?).   😀