Crap-balls, Glitter Umbrellas & Awesomesauceness

The tides are changing in the Kerri-verse. ‘bout time too.

To say I’ve had a bad year is such a drastic understatement that it makes me laugh. And roll my eyes, which are currently bedecked with my favorite blue mascara from Sephora. A nice accent to my knee-high black boots. Sorry, but during a bad year, you can still look really fabulous. But I digress…

RefleDiva-Kerr-ina-avatarcting on my year of craptasticness, I have to admit that the doom & gloom didn’t start last year. Nope. I’ve been living in a life coma for quite some time now. I didn’t realize it, but I think I’ve been sabotaging myself. However, I’ve finally defeated Evil Kerri and have some things to be really proud of in my life, and it’s bringing a whole new perspective. 

Of course, being the gorgeous superstitious person I am, I find myself constantly knocking on wood. We all know how it goes. Just when you think things are going really well, a big old crap-ball falls on your head. (I think I just grossed myself out with the term crap-ball. Hmmm…)

Look - I'm dressed up at an 80s dance party!

Look – I’m dressed up at an 80s dance party!

But I think you all get my point. Good things have started happening for me and while I really want to go stand on some rooftop and scream with my tone-deaf voice I HAVE ARRIVED – GOOD THINGS FOR KERRI, I’m still afraid of the shower of crap-balls that threatens off in the distance.

That’s okay. I’m going to enjoy this time. I’m finally writing again and good news has been flooding my personal life.

So while my inner child may be cowering in the corner of the room waiting for the next bad thing to happen, I’m going to stay positive. Because, quite frankly, I’m bored with being Debbie Downer and my favorite weatherman, Jim Cantore, has not called for a forecast of crap-balls just yet. (Now I can’t stop saying crap-balls! Dammit!) So I’m going to make a very concerted effort to shield the shower of crap-balls with my super glitter umbrella of awesomesauceness.

I declare this the Era of Kerri. *Throws Sparkles*

(Enough about me. Tell me something awesomesauce about yourself in the comments. Come on. You can do it. Just one thing that makes you opposite of a crap-ball. Look, I got crap-ball in there one more time!)