Crazy, Stupid, Love.

Recently, I spent a night with some of my favorite things: wine, pizza and a movie. I watched the 2011 film, Crazy, Stupid, Love., starring Steve Carell, Ryan Gosling, Julianne Moore and Emma Stone.  crazystupidlove

It may have been the wine, but I really, really enjoyed this movie. There was a certain “seize the day,” but in the end, be yourself vibe that I can only describe as awesomesauce.

Of course, being the writer I am, I immediately started thinking about the movie and making it all about myself. So without further ado, here’s what I got:

Crazy – it’s beyond crazy that it took me almost an entire year to watch this movie. That’s right – my little secret is that I’ve had this DVD from Netflix since last February. As in, second month of 2012. I know right! Crazy! I would watch other movies and tv shows and diligently return them to Netflix but for some reason, I just couldn’t bring myself to watch this.

Not only should I be thrown in Netflix Jail but this makes no sense in the Kerri-verse. I love movies and this one had a bunch of actors I really like. Well, kinda…

Stupid – Hold on to your hats. Until this movie, I didn’t really get the whole Ryan Gosling thing. Stop gasping, ladies! (I don’t get the Jeremy Renner thing either.) I mean, women fawn over The Gosling. I’ve seen it. They. Go. Nuts. Maybe because he was in The Notebook, a movie that fills me with such depression it’s hard to pull myself out of that dark hole filled with wet, soggy Kleenex long enough to check out the hotness of Ryan. Who knows! But alas, I think I was mistaken. Cuz those scenes in the locker room? Yum! I love…

Love – There are multiple love stories in this movie, which of course reminds me that I am, in fact, a romance writer. Sadly, I haven’t been doing much writing lately – romance or otherwise. My day job has become very, very busy and by the time I get home at night, I can’t sit in front of a computer anymore. (Plus, they are doing work on my apt and I get to go home every night and clean up the mess. So fun!)

I know – these are excuses. Yes – I need to get back to it. After all, it took me eleven months to watch Crazy, Stupid, Love. I don’t want it to take me eleven months to return to my manuscript. And if I truly want to follow the message of the movie, it’s time to return to myself a bit – bring out the real Kerri – the one who’s been covered in negative, un-glittery, super-hard-life crap for the past year back into the world. Seize the day. Be myselfThe Diva Kerr-ina

Because I’m definitely crazy, oftentimes stupid. But you know what? I love that about myself!

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  1. Kerri Mermaid…who else comes up with this hilarious stuff? Only you, my precious friend. Netflix Jail? I know you are busy with your day job and then there’s being a fabulous writer and all. But I think while you’re busy with all that, you should totally consider doing some stand up comedy. By far, you are the FUNNIEST, BEST HUMORED mermaid I know. Seriously. You have a gorgeous voice fishy sister.

    1. Thanks, Hero! You flatter moi. I don’t think I would do well with the stand up comedy. Mainly because I’m fairly petrified of public speaking. This is a newer fear in the Kerri-verse that is getting worse as I get older. Much the same way as my fear of clowns and colonial people keeps growing!

  2. I, too, haven’t yet watched this movie. I’ll have to put it on my TBW (to-be-watched) pile. 🙂 Although I still haven’t gotten around to watching Star Wars….*big, frustrated sigh*…
    Currently I’m heading to Red Box Jail. I’ve had the same movie up in my bedroom for the past few days because I keep forgetting to return the stupid thing! Do you think Red Box and Netflix jails are connected somehow? I wouldn’t mind hanging out with another movie-watching, glitter-friendly mermaid.

    1. 1. I HATE that you haven’t seen Star Wars!!! You know this really upsets me!
      2. I stick with Netlix over Red Box because there are no real penalties when you don’t return movies. There is only the self-induced recrimination and sideways stares from strangers who psychically figured out my shameful secret.
      3. Netflix jail is like white collar prison. Red Box jail? Man, you need to return that sh*t! You do NOT want to go to Red Box jail – trust me!

      Smoochies! 😉

  3. Sounds like you need a break from writing, Kerri. That’s not a bad thing. Those breaks can sometimes bring you back stronger and with fresh ideas. Don’t be too hard on yourself.

    1. I agree, Beth! Writing breaks are good. Unfortunately, I am SUPER hard on myself at all times. See my BFF’s comment below. She loves pointing that out. She’s mean that way. Er, I meant honest. 😉

  4. That was funny! Put a smile on my face and today I needed it to survive in this world of tweens and teens that I work in!! Didn’t you bring that movie home last Easter?

    1. Yes, Ma! I brought it home at Easter, over the summer and in the fall. Krazy Kerri! 😉

  5. So so funny! I agree with the side job of comedy because you crack me up! On a side not, sometime it is good to take a break because you always take too much on, but I know that is hard for you. AND I am so glad you are not in jail!!!

    1. Hi BFF! I’m glad I’m not in jail too. That would suck hard! If I was in jail, we would have to write letters instead of calling all the time and texting and stuff. Although, I do enjoy mail… Hmmm. And I suppose it’s easier to not take on too much if you’re in jail cuz there’s probably rules and curfews and stuff.

  6. Thanks Diana-Mermaid! I also find myself hysterical, but in a Debbie Downer kind of way. 😉

  7. Haven’t seen the movie… But now I really want to! Good luck seizing the day, Kerri! Loving yourself is an extremely important first step!

    1. Thanks Pintip! Like I said, it may have been the wine but I was pleasantly surprised by the movie! I think you’ll like it. 😉

  8. Sorry I missed commenting yesterday, but glad I dropped by today to see what you were saying about The Gosling:)…as you know, taking a break when you can from the EVJ is essential to all around sanity. You will be writing again real soon. In the meantime, I’m glad you finally got to watch the movie – I wasn’t a big fan of The Gosling either until I saw it (but Renner? He just does all sorts of things for me, and I can’t explain it at all:).

  9. I loved that movie! And I love that you are not afraid to be a little crazy or do something a little stupid sometimes! But I agree, don’t wait another eleven months to get back to your manuscript. You are too talented a writer for that. 😉

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