The Tell Tale Signs

I recently read an interesting article from two editors that outlined 50 tell tale signs (for them) that a writer is an inexperienced newbie (no, of course I can’t find the article, that would be too easy).  Ironically, the two editors agreed on some of the sins, but differed on others.  That got me thinking about what people consider the greatest missteps committed against writing.  Here are mine:

  1. “Using too many tags and adverbs,” said the frustrated editor frustratingly.
  2. Grammor errors
  3. Switching POV, he though with longing as she felt the depth of his despair at the horrific faux pas.
  4. Wrong! punctuation..?,.
  5. Run on sentences are the bane of an editor’s existence they make them mad.
  6. Gggrr… hiya!.. No conflict
  7. Cringe-worthy metaphors and simile’s are like a set of heaving bosoms pendulously swinging across the engorged seas darkened by the swells of their disastrous union.
  8. “It sucks when these romance writers don’t do their research,” said Candy Cane Johnson as she laced up her corseted gown after flushing the toilet in her 16th century England. 
  9.  Relying on Missouri Senate candidate Todd Akin’s advice that women love rape in romance novels
  10. Vvrroomm… vvrrrooomm.  Here comes the info dump tractor, throwing all its contents on page 1
  11. Wash.  Rinse.  Repeat.  Repeat.  Repeat.  Repeat.  The author uses the same “it” word 2,356 times in one novel.

Those are just a few.  Drop of your pet peeves.