More Than Magic Mike + The Soundtrack Giveaway!

UPDATE 7/16: Congratulations to our winner of the Magic Mike Soundtrack—Keely!  Thank you everyone who swam by to join in on this eye-opening chat 😉  Hope to see you back real soon xoxo  Carlene Mermaid

SPOILER ALERT #1:  I would hate to spoil this movie for you–so go see it before you read this…what’s that?  Oh, you’ve already seen Magic Mike sixty times?  Yeah, I kind of thought you had that dazed look in your eye 😉

SPOILER ALERT #2:  The views expressed in this post are those of my “Sweet Sandy from Grease” movie-watching personality and not my “Black leather, bad girl Sandy” writing/reading side.


Magic Mike.

Someday, when I’m all grown up, I hope to have the cajones to watch this movie without covering my eyes as if it was Freddy Kruger and his gyrating dance troupe on the big screen.  (How scary is that guy?  I still wimper at the rhyme, “One, two..”  That’s as far as I can go without crying!)  And blushing because I admit to peeking through my fingers…once or twice.  Freddy never made me blush, just vomit.  Channing though, he’s dreamy in a good way.  But no matter how intriguing it is to watch all that larger than life, ummm, stuff– I’m still thinking, “Guys, that’s your private business up there and should I really be having my own private moment, (okay, me and these other ninety women) with it??  No!  Okay, maybe.  But still, No.  Yes. No. Oh, the conflict!

So yes, one day, (I’m predicting this day will come on the DVD release date) I aspire to have that completely open-eyed ability because my aunt tells me there’s lots I missed.  But for now, I’d like to talk about what I couldn’t look away from–the underlying story.  At some point, the super sexy dancing scenes took the back seat and something deep and important, and sort of sad and intense, grabbed me by the heart.  It took a few minutes to put my finger on the familiar thrill but soon I realized, Magic Mike had a Less Than Zero feel to it for me.  I loved that movie.  Loved, loved, loved it.  And I think I sort of love Magic Mike now, too.  A movie I’ve only seen half of.  That says a lot for that half, don’t you think?

I know, I’m silly and maybe you don’t believe me with all that other stuff to appreciate, that I’d come away with a love for the story.  Actually, anyone who knows me probably isn’t surprised.  (Shirley Temples anyone?)  You’ve probably seen Magic Mike five gazillion times with your eyes wide open.  Remember, my movie watching persona aspires to be you someday.  (Ahem, when is that DVD release date?)

So what was it about Magic Mike that had me reminiscing over Less Than Zero?  Well, Julian was my first experience with a tortured soul on the big screen.  That forbidden dark world that sparkled on the outside (remember the party house with all the TV’s?) but in reality was just a big soul sucker.  The way you sometimes find out the hard way who your real friends are.  How heartbreakingly beautiful it is when they step up and love you for who you are and want to help.  And how sometimes, it’s just too late.  I’ve honestly never had those exact same feelings as with Less Than Zero until just now with Magic Mike.  In a way, it was even better with MM because the wakeup call has such better timing and is so well-earned yet not overdone.  And the way the characters’ backstories unfold so organically is beautiful.  I loved not knowing for sure what Joanna’s past was but being so intrigued by her reactions to her brother, Adam, and his new stripper friend.  Oh my gosh, and the crazy cool things Joanna and Mike say to each other.  Their conversations are so everyday yet interesting.  (I believe that is the magic and wonder of Mr. Tatum’s acting skills)  I learned a lot about story-telling from Magic Mike.  I love that.

And so even though I suffered from a serious bout of “Holy Guacamole, what am I doing peeking at his hmm-hmm?”, this is a movie I respect and the type of book I want to read/write.

So, what did you think?  Were you there in the theatre strictly for the man show?  Did you enjoy the story just as much?

Who was your favorite dancer?  Give me one good reason why you would answer any other name here besdies CHANNING TATUM!

When did “I Am Number Four” grow up into all that?

Well, hopefully my movie watching side will get with the program so my reading/writing side doesn’t have to glower at  Miss Goody Two-Shoes much longer.

Let’s take some time to talk about this film and these men that were so much more than zero.

For today’s giveaway, I’m picking one random commenter to receive the Magic Mike soundtrack either in MP3 or Audio CD format.  Good luck!

41 thoughts on “More Than Magic Mike + The Soundtrack Giveaway!

  1. I LOVE your take on the story behind the ‘buns’ of Magic Mike.

    When I saw Steven Soderbergh’s fingers in the writing, directing pie:)…I knew it wasn’t going to be only about the eye candy, but I never guessed I’d enjoy the story itself so much, and get so emotionally invested in that story (seriously, I did get emotional about the buns and the abs, too, but that’s another post:)…

    And yeah, thank you for the comparison to Less Than Zero (and yes, I also loved that movie).

    And talk about an antagonist/protagonist relationship? Mike and Adam (The Kid) – was really dense, and then it was as if the characters switched roles late in the movie with Adam becoming the more decisive (making wrong choices though) of the two men…so yeah, I can join you on the in-depth discussion side of Magic Mike’s story line, too…

    But I promise you, I did not close my eyes – not once:)

    1. Oh Denny, I knew you would be up for this discussion and I’m so glad you started things off! The writing of the movie was a complete surprise. If Magic Mike had been a book, I would have been all over it, in the privacy of my own home! 😉 You know, the guys obviously rocked the story but I can’t stop thinking about how well-written and acted Joanna’s character is.

      I would expect nothing less than eyes wide open from you, my friend. 😉

    1. Hi Mary Jo! Thank you for stopping by. My mom has seen it and she loved it. Of course it’s a good thing she went with her girlfriends and not me or I’m sure she would have been completely embarassed at my peeking through fingers. If you do see it, pop back in and tell me what you think. 🙂

  2. Oh dear, I haven’t seen it, due to some bad (read, thinking man deadwhiteguys) reviews. BFF wants to wait for the DVD release — but that just means we’ll be in line for it! Argh! Now you’ve got me interested, but more for the “what did she see that she covered her eyes?” curiosity… Double argh!

    1. Susan, you know those reviewer guys are just jealous! I saw LOTS of stuff and apparently missed a lot too. At one point my aunt looked over at me and said, “You have no idea what that is, do you?” So I opened them and she was right. 😉
      Hey, I stood in line at midnight for the Twilight DVDs so I guess I’ll drag my behind to Target once again for Magic Mike.

  3. I strictly went to see the movie for obvious reasons but found that the story line was good as well. I did like how Tatum and the sister’s relationship unfolded and how her brother was sucked into the lifestyle. Definitely a sad reality, however, I did not find it as deep as Less Than Zero but I can see the correlation.

    As far as my other favorite dancers, I have to say Matt Bomer (White Collar) and Joe Manganiello (True Blood). I would liked to have seen more Matt. I don’t know why, I love him. He is so beautiful, sexy and talented. *sigh*

    For the record, I did not shut my eyes once and I will be owning the DVD. Carlene, love, we need to work on bringing out your “Black leather, bad girl Sandy”. Life is too short to miss such goodness as Magic Mike!

    1. Hi Kathleen 🙂 YaY! You are right, not as deep as Less Than Zero, that was so very dark. I know there are a few mermaids and tons of women who are probably right there with you when it comes to those two gentlemen. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to watch Alcide the same way again.

      I’ve been trying to own some of that Bad Sandy since high school but it never comes out in real life, just writing.

      Maybe if you ever come back from the land of Oz, you can help me work on it 😉

      1. Oopsie, forgot to switch out my mama’s name for mine. This was me! Hehehe, vacation brain.

  4. I still haven’t seen Magic Mike. Can you believe that? I need to get my butt away from the computer and to the movies. Wait, that doesn’t sound right. 🙂

    1. Avery Mermaid! What?????? Whatever your butt is doing, drop it this instant and go see this movie!!!!!!!! 😉

      1. Another oopsie. I promise, Avery Mermaid, my mama did not just get on here and scold you for me!

  5. How very insiteful Carlene (sniff, sniff).

    I didn’t get the Less Than Zero vibe honestly but I know that it is because I was completely entranced by Channing and his dance moves. His dancing is amazing. I could have done without the cheesy stripper moves and the giant elephant in the room (Kevin Nash).

    Counting the days until Magic Mike 2 is released 😉

    1. Wait, is there a real Magic Mike 2 coming out or is this our made up version you are talking about? If you’re counting the days for the next one, why the refusal to take me back to the theater so I can try and see the first one properly? I was that embarassing, wasn’t I? Be a good auntie and take me back!!!!

      1. “Magic Mike 2: Skinny, Undefined Strippers” featuring Robert Pattinson, Martin Gore and many more as yet to be cast…LOL
        This is why I love you so.

        1. LOVE IT! I’ve seen a picture of Martin with his shirt off…I dunno. But if he sings too….swoon! 😀

      2. There was a story a couple days ago on THR about Channing starting to work on a sequel….

        1. Oh nos. I sad now. Was really looking forward to this version. Although I think they did it in the 90’s and called it The Full Monty. Which my mom took me to see in the theatre! Scars that stay with a girl….

          Pop Trivia: What actor from the current hit show “Once Upon a Time” starred in The Full Monty?

  6. Ever since my experience with being a radio DJ and interviewing my own “dance revue” when I was 17, I have a different take on “Magic Mike” and the men. It’s something they enjoy, most enjoy making women feel special for that brief moment and feeling sexy in their utmost way (knowing they intrigue the women they dance for).

    I did enjoy the story line as it rang true, wasn’t overly Hollywood with it’s natural dialogue between the characters and realistic approach for even the hero being kind of real in his attempts to find himself. I thought the ending was really cute too. 😉

    Hugs… and when you watch it next time. Just enjoy–watch it by yourself so you don’t feel self-concious around others. 🙂

    1. Loni Mermaid, I heart you. You have popped into my head often lately with all this thought of Magic Mike and male revue’s. It is entirely too cool that you can share that insight with us from your experience. I think hearing that it’s something the guys enjoy helps me because I felt bad that maybe they were being exploited. If they are having fun, then maybe I can too. That is excellent advice though about watching it alone next time. Love you!

  7. I haven’t seen the movie either, but I might swim over to youtube and see if I can find a trailer…

    1. Hi there! Swim, swim, swim! As embarassed as I was in the theatre, I highly encourage you to go see the movie. If I have to admit that I liked what I was peeking at, I will. Check out the trailer and come back and tell me what you think. This will be interesting to see if it makes you want to see it or shy away. So you have to be honest.

  8. Shirley Temples forever!

    I hadn’t clocked it in before seeing MM on Wednesday that Soderbergh was the director. As soon as the credits rolled and I saw his name, I understood why the popcorn movie I thought I’d gone to see turned out to be…a Soderbergh flick!

    I admit, while I enjoyed the dancing, the movie didn’t turn me on. I liked it, don’t get me wrong! But if I were to compare it with The Big Easy which still today does it for me, I’d choose The Big Easy (almost) every time. Maybe because that one seduced my mind and not just my eyeballs? That said, I now understand why Mr. Tatum is in such high demand. He’s got moves and he’s crazy charming. If I’d been Joanna…well, I wouldn’t have held out so dang long.

    1. Right???? I loved that she did though. This seems to be a theme where the leading ladies are given Channing Tatum on a silver platter yet they take forever and a day to accept all that wonderfulness! I’m right there with you, Keely. The movie would be over lickety split because I’d just stand there saying yes, yes, yes to him.

      The Big Easy, that would be Dennis Quaid, right? Yep, he’s a cutie too.
      Thank you for coming by!

  9. I saw it with one of my best friends and we loved it along with all the other wide eyed women in the audience! 😉 Channing’s dance moves & acting are awesome of course and we loved Matthew’s dance skills and especially his tight touchey compared to some of the younger male dancer’s jiggly butts! He’s perfect as the senior/mentor for the next generation of dancing dudes! Having seen Chippendales and Thunder From Down Under plus assorted other male dance review acts live through the years – it seemed a thorough depiction of life on & off stage for the genre. Glitter and scabs! Our only shocker was seeing Elvis Presley’s grandaughter’s name in the credits at the end! Whoah! I’m sure we’ll be seeing MM again with more friends for a super Girls Nite Out! More popcorn please! 🙂

    1. Holy Guacamole, Mom! I didn’t know you saw Thunder from Down Under! Geez, how many male dance revue shows are there and how many have you seen. No, don’t tell me.
      Okay, I need a moment….

      1. You don’t remember hearing about the dancer (TFDU) that your mom thought was cute… then she found out his name was Aidan…..

        1. Oh wait, I have an idea for the sequel we have come up with! Pale, undefined and scabby! LOL

        2. Yes, I heard that there was a dancer with that name but I didn’t know my mama went to see the show!!!!!!!! She doesn’t tell me these things, I guess I can sort of guess why 😉

  10. Sure thing, Diana Mermaid. 😉

    Spiderman was pretty darn good too. Plus I could actually see that one without breaking into hives. Which is always good.

    Hugs back to you!

  11. Okay, so I’ve had my moment. But I still can’t get over the fact that my mom just said Channing Tatum has a jiggly butt! Well, she was the one looking and not me. Shoot, now I HAVE to see the whole thing just to prove her wrong. 😉

    1. Oh your mother is WRONG about Channing. It was the latin guy who had the jiggly butt

      1. See, I wouldn’t know! But I want to know, I want to know. Now be a good auntie and take me to see it tomorrow! Enough of this waiting for the DVD. All you ladies have unleashed BLACK LEATHER BAD SANDY…dunh, dunh, dunh, dunh….

  12. This has been a fun discussion! I’ll keep the comments open for the chance to win the soundtrack until Sunday night, 7/15, 9pm Pacific time. Check back then to see if you scored 😉

  13. Update 7/16: Major fishy congrats to our winner of the Magic Mike soundtrack–Keely! The package is in the mail 😉 (Sorry, couldn’t resist that pun)

    Thanks to everyone who stopped by the pond!

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