Monday Morning Push…Up.

This morning was a difficult morning…and yet, I feel I have a sense of need to ‘get things done’, despite the hectic morning.

Does this make sense to anyone?

Getting hubby ready for trip, daughter off to her last week in school, laundry finished, bedding washed and still managed my two mile power walk–I’m now ready to focus on the day ahead (as if I wasn’t all ready).

So this Monday morning is my push UP… for the week ahead, my yellow legal pad of items to tick off in between writing this week.

A recent need to revise a manuscript has me anxious to complete the B.I.C.H.O.K (Butt In Chair Hands On Keyboard)program I had started last week. But I also want to take time to enjoy the beautiful day. I want to balance my accounts/pay my bills and still have money in the bank (ROFL–yeah, as if!)  I want to clean out my closet/my purse/ my car and two pantries and still have time to enjoy a movie night with my daughters.

I have goals I need/want to set for not only my work but my family life and health.  I want to approach each morning as a Push…Up.  There is nothing that can push me down.

Looking forward to adopt this ideal… Raising my cup of Vanilla Bean Latte to Monday Morning Push Ups!  May what we write down today for goals be done either by tonight or the end of the week.

So get your Push Up for the week  in!  What items are on your yellow legal pad to do this week?