Gone Fishin’

Right now, I am swimming with the fishies. (Not literally, I hope). But I am on vacation. And it is during this time, I always take a step back and remind myself to be thankful for everything. Here is my partial list for 2012.

I’m thankful:

1. My kids are healthy

2. For Ben and Jerry S’Mores ice cream.. there’s no better way to take the ouchie out of a query rejection

3. I have a great husband

4. For the nutty life I’ve lead because it’s given me lots of angst and perspective I can use in my writing

5. For my wonderfully dysfunctional family who love too much and expect the world

6. I somehow managed to fit into a dress I wore when I was 22 (don’t get jealous folks.. it’s verrry stretchy because it’s been stretchin’ for two decades)

7. To have found the love and support of the Mermaids.. and my goals is to spend more time with them; virtually and otherwise

8. Finally, I’m thankful that I live in the greatest country on earth where I am free to write whatever words I choose without fear of retribution or death.