Waterworld Mermaid Friday the 13th Scary Books Giveaway Winners Announced!

Happy Monday!

The Waterworld Mermaids are thrilled to announce the winners of the random drawing for the Friday the 13th Waterworld Mermaids Scary Books Giveaway!

Please email me your address at denny at dennysbryce dot com and we’ll get your books in the mail this week:

Brenna Ash – Giveaway Bag #1

Jane Sevier – Giveaway Bag #2

Kanya – Giveaway Bag #3

Congratulations and thank you for swimming in the Waterworld Mermaid’s scary pond on Friday the 13th (and over the weekend!)…Oh, one ‘title’ is only available as an e-read, but I’ll let you know which one after I comb through the stacks of books!. We’ll send you a coupon for that book!

A huge thank you to all who dropped by to swim in the Mermaid’s scary book pond!