Ten Things Every Writer Should Do Before They Publish

I am not published … yet. But I will be. Until then, I like to pretend I am and think about what kind of speech I would give at a writer’s conference or the type of post I would write for a guest blog spot that is booked through my PR person.

With my imaginary life in mind, here is a little gem I’ve come up with. It’s a list – one of my favorite things. I wonder if it will change when I’m finally published???

Ten Things Every Writer Should Do Before They Publish +one extra

(In random order)

  1. Get a rejection that hurts so bad you have to cry about it. (And okay, consider quitting writing too.)
  2. Get a rejection, read it objectively, take what you can from it and move on without a tear being shed.
  3. Go to a bookstore, stand in the romance section and figure out where your books will be shelved.
  4. Attend a writer’s conference.
  5. Pitch to an agent and/or editor at a writer’s conference.
  6. Claim you are quitting writing FOREVER! (But knowing on the inside you would never, ever be able to really quit.)
  7. Write something outside your usual genre and/or medium (examples: newspaper article, short story, blog post)
  8. Contemplate the idea that you were actually adopted and Nora Roberts, Janet Evanovich, Robin Carr, Susan Mallery, Debbie Macomber, etc. is your birth mother and that’s why you’re such an amazing writer yourself.
  9. Feel both jealous and ecstatic when your writer friend tells you good news – they just got a book deal, landed an agent, hit a bestseller list, etc.
  10. Read a bestseller by a very famous established author and think, “Psshaw, I could have written that in my sleep.”
  11. Cyber-stalk your writing hero!

Published writers and yet-to-be published writers unite! Any other items for this to-do list?