Excuses, Excuses

The other day at the gym I told my trainer I couldn’t do a certain leg exercise because my rotator cuff was hurting. I pointed to my leg and made a sad face and everything. He sighed. “Kerri, your rotator cuff is in your shoulder, not your leg. Do the exercise.”


We’ve all done it. Made excuses. Sometimes they are better than others. But hey, in my defense, I was an English major not a doctor! Note to self: must do more research for lies excuses. 

Regardless, we’ve all made up excuses. Why right now is not a good time to quit smoking, lose weight, go to the gym, get out of a bad relationship, call that old friend, etc.

For writers, the proclivity to come up with excuses seems to be multiplied. Maybe I should take a little break to regroup because:

–          I didn’t final in that contest

–          I  got rejected from that publisher

–          I  got a form letter back from that agent

–          I’m just not good enough

The closest I’ve ever come to giving up writing completely happened a few years back. After a brutally harsh rejection, the idea that I might not be cut out for this business took root. Luckily, I pulled through that crisis. But I realize now that I’ve been giving myself way too many outs, too many excuses to take breaks. See above, I’m obviously not even clever about it.

After all, taking a three month break after losing a writing contest does not help anyone. Maybe somewhere in the scary back recesses of my mind I think that I’m really sticking it to those who’ve rejected me, but ultimately I’m just hurting myself.

While I agree that in writing, or life, there are times you desperately need a break to regroup. But there are also the times that you have to push through. Okay, maybe not if you’ve had a killer foot pain that leads to plantar fasciitis. But if you make an excuse every time something doesn’t go in your favor, pretty soon you’ll never get it done. And eventually you start making up stuff about your rotator cuff. Trust me, that doesn’t end well.

Tell me, what’s the last excuse you made?