I Read the Golden Heart Winner

That’s right, come rub up against me just to be near the awesomeness that was one of the Golden Heart entries I read. Know now that if it’s not one of the winners, I am going to stomp my feet and scream into the wind while pulling out my blue hair.

How do I know it was the winner? Because when I reached the end I was ticked off that I didn’t get to read the rest of it – as in I groaned out loud and then started telling Mr. Flynn all about it while he was trying to watch hockey. As anyone married to a sports nut will tell you, that is the last moment in time when you want to try to talk to your dear heart. But I couldn’t help myself, it was that good.

The trope is not one I’d normally be drawn to as I’m more of an everything-is-about-to-blow-up-but-I-can’t-stop-myself-from-ripping-off-your-pants kind of girl. This plot was more realistic than that, but the tension (sexual and otherwise) was divinely written. The hero was yummy like molten lava chocolate cake. The heroine was someone I really liked and could empathize with. And the plot? I became so invested in it in 50 pages that I devoured the synopsis, then got pissed off all over again because I didn’t get to read the rest of the story.

And isn’t that what a great Golden Heart winning story is suppose to do?

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23 thoughts on “I Read the Golden Heart Winner

  1. Absolutely, Avery Mermaid! That’s exactly what an entry should do. How cool that you had such an awesome reaction. How quickly did you know? First line, first paragraph, first page?

  2. That is what any good story should do! Sounds phenomenal! You’ll have to come back later when the winners are announced and let us know if it was the one to win.

  3. I read that one too! 😀

    I love when I get an entry like that. Just grabs you and stays with you for weeks afterward because you want to know how it ends…and then you have to wait years until it gets published before you can finish it. (Sigh.)

    Seriously, though, I did get at least one awesome entry in my bunch this year.

  4. Wow – wouldn’t it be nice for someone to say that about your work. We can all dream.

  5. I hope you’re right, Avery! I love that feeling when judging. However, I’ve judged Golden Heart well over a decade (pushing 2 decades) and as much as I might’ve loved an entry and thought it was perfect for a final, none of the entries I judged ever made the finals. So disappointing because there were some I was just dying to final so I could find out who the author was and beg them for the rest! Granted, these days with the Internet, it’s easier to track down authors, which is a good thing. Let us know if that one finals, I’d be interested to know!

  6. Isn’t it amazing how you can tell right away when you’ve got a wonderful entry? I was lucky enough to have two such entries for the recent Marlene contest so I’m hopeful they’ll both be finalists!! And yes, you’ll have to come back later and reveal if other judges shared your enthusiasm!!

  7. It MUST be mine! 🙂
    Isn’t that what everyone’s thinking? Am I the only one brave enough to say it??? LOL.
    You know I’m joking, but there is that one little part of myself that would want someone, somewhere to say the same thing about my entry.
    Good for that writer. I hope you can finally put a name with the entry when the finalists are posted.

    1. I think a lot of judges think it, but don’t get the chance to brag about the most awesome entry they just read. I, however, am willing to share it with the others in the Mermaid Lagoon – just between us merfolk of course.

  8. You crack me up! Why? Because I love how your enthusiasm spills over and yep, you bet you are supposed to feel that way judging a contest, and like Mermaid Robin, I wish it had been mine (except with shapeshifters and vampires)…but great post. And btw, I did have that moment last year when I judged the Golden Heart (not judging this year though), and the entry did final -:)…

  9. Avery, how exciting! I really hope that entry finals. I love opening up a book and finding a treasure inside. It feels like discovering a secret. I imagine this feeling is only intensified when the story isn’t even a real book yet, available to the public. Lucky you to be one of the readers to get a sneak peek!

  10. Avery, I always love how your enthusiasm spills over into everything you write!
    And you’re right, that is exactly what an entry is supposed to do… Draw you in, get you invested in the story and the characters. Wouldn’t it be fabulous if people shouted that kind of praise for something you’ve written? I know I would be honored. I hope that your entry finals so that one day soon you can find out who the author is and beg them for the rest of the story. 🙂

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