Setting Writing Goals–With a Little Help from My Friends

As writers we are constantly looking for ways to sit our butts down and focus on our writing.  But making the time is not always easy.  With family, work, social issues and anything else that might come along–we tend to sacrifice our writing time.  I know I’m a culprit!

Though I haven’t made any New Years resolutions this year, I am trying to be pro-active with my writing.  I may not be able to sit down for 8 hours and write every day but I can dedicate some time each day to writing.

I tried to do the NaNoWriMo this past November but with a revision, two contests I was judging (for my first time) and life happening, I couldn’t find the proper time to get motivated for a 50k goal.  I felt I cheated myself this year for not doing it even though I was working on my writing–but mostly it was revising.  It didn’t count.

Then I received an email from a friend of mine about the Ruby Slippered Sisterhood Winter Writing Festival.  When I read about it I knew they understood what writing was all about!  It wasn’t about competing with others or just writing it was about setting goals for myself and working on my story anyway I could–whenever I could.  I got to set the goals I needed and earn rewards to reach them.  Also, having a cheering section of friends and fellow romance writers is always a blessing as I’ve found them the most personable people in the world.

So if you are looking for a chance to set goals for yourself this next month (during a time when things seem to be less hectic –don’t quote me on that because I’m knocking on wood) go to  or and sign up to join in.


 What are your writing goals this year?

17 thoughts on “Setting Writing Goals–With a Little Help from My Friends

  1. Loni, I think the rsswwf is such a great idea, and I totally want to be a part of it… But I’m going to be out of the country for ten days right in the middle of it. And I didn’t think I could give myself ten points for “being on vacation with my family.” Best of luck to you, however. I will be cheering you on, and if you need additional moral support, you know where to turn!

  2. Thanks P.H.! Hope you have a great time on vacation.
    Always good to know I have additional moral support from my friends here, too! Let us know how things are going when (and if) you can!


  3. Yay for Loni – go go go!

    This Ruby Slipper thing sounds like what I do with my AP (Accountability Partner) each day. It’s such a good idea! Keep us updated, Loni! 😉

  4. Hi Loni! Hoping you do awesome with the Ruby Reds! I started my writing year out with a bang. I’m attending my first Editpalooza over at Savvy Authors and it’s one busy month, let me tell ya! But I’m learning some really user-friendly editing techniques so it’s completely worth the bloodshot eye I am squinting through right now! Good luck!!!

    1. Good for you, Carlene!
      I hear Editpalooza is a great time. I might need to check that out, too! Always need some editing refreshers. Thanks for the shared info and good luck to you, too. Keep the Visine ready for those eyes! LOL

  5. Oooh . . . I had forgotten about the RSSWW thingy. Thanks for the reminder. I made two resolutions this year:

    1. To cut back on my Internet time
    2. To approach my writing as a professional. That applies to my wordcount, editing, my networking. Always as a professional – because that is what I want to be.

    1. Robin,
      I keep saying I have to cut back on my internet time–big drain on time, but lately it’s my socialization. LOL. I do need to cut back though and focus on WIP.

      Way to go! I’m cheering for you to make all your goals! You are professional!

  6. Hey, Loni! I heard about the Ruby Slippers’ writing festival, but I’m so worn out from NaNo that I don’t think I want to be held accountable for anything for a while. LOL. I was going to try to revise my NaNo book in January, but I’m not sure that’s going to happen. But good luck to you! I hope you’re able to get motivated and do great things with your writing!

    1. I hear you Kimberly.
      Last year I had signed up for the first Ruby Slippers’ Writing Festival but had done NaNo so didn’t follow through. I know how crazy it was to try to get back in the swing. I still set my goal and worked diligently through to finish my NaNo WIP last year though.
      This year I figured, with the RSWF I can edit/revise/work on word count/whatever I need to do–it’s not just making the 50k. So much to do as a writer!!
      I managed over 1421 words today for my 1,ooo word a day goal though so it’s a start.
      Good luck to you!

  7. Go Loni! I will definitely be cheering for you!
    As for resolutions… I’m striving to eat healthier, get more exercise and write more consistently. And I’m am checking in daily with my Accountability Partner because it’s harder to slide if I have to fess up to not getting a darn thing productive done.

    1. Dana,
      I will be cheering for you! A healthier and happier lifestyle is a great goal–and if we can pair that with our love of a healthy writing diet, too–all the better. I agree, having someone there to kick us in the tush or hug us until we ache is even better.

      Here’s to such great goals! Cheers! 🙂

  8. Thanks for all your support and comments today, everyone! It means a lot to me to share ideas and goals so we can be there for each other. I wish you all the best in your goals and life this new year.

    Hugs and Fishy Kisses!

    Mermaid Loni

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