Happy New Year’s Dedications

Welcome back to the pond everyone!  I’m honored to have the first blog spot of the New Year!!   Beings this is the first post of 2012, I thought for sure it would be a great idea to write about our resolutions.  I’ll be honest; my first resolution was to be less judgmental.  Then I spent the day at Arlington Cemetery and found it impossible not to be in judgment of those around me who couldn’t put down their cell phones while on the sacred grounds, or couldn’t wait until later that day after they’d left the tomb of the Unknown Soldier to tell all those hilarious, laugh-inducing jokes to their buddies.  Oh, and those who apparently had no clue what the “Silence and Respect” signs posted all around President Kennedy’s gravesite meant.

Since I couldn’t stick to that first resolution, I came up with a second one.  To be more thoughtful of others.  I like this one.  I can do this one.  And I can tie it into both writing and music.

In order to kick start this New Year’s mission, I’m spending today thinking about you all, and then dedicating a song to you by my favorite band, Depeche Mode.  I’ve started with my fellow mermaids and then if you’d like to join in on the thoughtfulness parade, leave me a comment letting me know how you’re feeling today and I’ll come up with your DM song dedication! All songs written by Martin L. Gore.

Princess Alethea: “Little Soul” You recently mentioned letting our inner lights shine through.  This song has you written all over it!

Avery: “A Question of Lust” Two words for you: Claire and Jake from your fabulous Up a Dry Creek novel!  They would never let what they’ve built up crumble to dust…

Dana: “Here is the House”  When I hear this song, I can’t help but think of your short story, Garden of Knight, and Grandma Emily and Great Aunt Margaret’s home where so much happened to Gemma.

Denny: “Stripped” On the surface, with words like metropolis and breathing in fumes when we kiss, I instantly think of your hip, urban writing style.  But also, as my critique partner, I appreciate the underlying message of this song which is to strip things down so the truth can be seen better.

Kerri: “Precious” Those writers as special as you deserve to be taken care of.  Period.  And with a splash of glitter just for good measure.

Kim: “Get Right With Me” Ever since I read your “Things You Love to Hate” post, I have appreciated your spunky sense of humor.  This song tells it to us straight with cleverness and subtlety—just like you!

Loni: “I Am You” With this song’s chants about dark obsession and hearts bound by chains, I think of two things that remind me of you…your Wanted: One Ghost story and your love of Sherrilyn Kenyon and all things paranormal!

Masha: “It Doesn’t Matter Two” This is such a powerful and well-written Depeche Mode song.  A little harder to explain, but your wonderful intensity and way with words reminds me so much of it.

P.H.: “Little 15” This song not only honors you but your audience.  I smile when I think of those who will escape into your writing someday!

Robin: “Dressed In Black” When Martin L. Gore writes that it’s all there to see if we’ll only give in to the fire within, I’m reminded of the time you said you love the push and pull of attraction, whether it’s acceptable or not.  Fearless and refreshing, just like you.

Susan: “I Feel Loved” This is one I cannot explain but it comes from my heart.  There is just something about you, Susan, that makes us feel at ease–loved, if you will.

So Happy 2012 everyone!  Don’t forget to tell me how your day is going so I can hook you up with just the right song!  And feel free to share your resolutions if you’d like!


44 thoughts on “Happy New Year’s Dedications

  1. Carlene, Happy new year! I am blown away by this post. It is so sweet — and yes, thoughtful — of you to spend the time thinking about us and dedicating a song to each of us. Gotta admit, I didn’t know my song, but I went immediately to read the lyrics. I’m about to listen to it now. Thank you, and I hope you are shown the same kind of thoughtfulness that you have exhibited to others!

  2. Oh wow! Carlene, you are awesome! Thank you for thinking about me and ‘getting me’ in my ficticious way! 🙂
    Today, I’m feeling somewhere between enthusiastic about getting down to business in this New Year. No resolutions–just focusing on what needs to be done. My other side right now is a bit overwhelmed knowing there is so much to do and trying to prioritize each moment.
    I guess I need to take a deep breath, focus and start out small to work up to something bigger. As writers we understand that to finish a novel it’s a building process–1 word becomes 100, then 1000, before you know it we have a story of 100k. But it begins with that first word.
    Hmm . . . okay, I might be a bit insightful, too this morning! LOL
    Thanks so much and all the best to you for the New Year! Love ya, Sis! :%

    1. You’re welcome Loni! I might suggest you take a moment to “Enjoy the Silence” before sitting down to type out that first word! Hehehe. Glad you liked your song!

  3. What a sweet and wonderful post, Carlene-Mermaid! You are such a wonderful person and I’m so happy to have met you! By the way, I totally hear you on the annoying, rude people at Arlington Cemetery. Grrrr!

    Here are my NY Resolutions:
    1. See all of the movies nominated for Best Picture at the Oscars. (I do this every year but I’ve only actually succeeded once.)
    2. Go through this specific cabinet in my kitchen and donate most of the contests to Good Will.
    3. No eating after nine o’clock. (Unless I’m out at a late dinner or drinking.)

    Off to listen to my song now….

    1. Hi Kerri! I used to see all the Best Picture nominees for Oscars with my mom–that’s an awesome resolution and a fun one! Sounds like a curious cabinet…I’m intrigued. I try and not eat after 7pm because old ladies like me who drink Shirley Temples also have earlier bedtimes than most! I hope you liked your song. Happy New Year!

  4. Thanks Carlene!!!

    Oh, I love A Question of Lust but haven’t listened to it in eons. And Denny you really need to go download Stripped (my fav is the live version on the Say Anything soundtrack). So frickin’ good.

    All of these are so good. My New Year’s resolution is to go download this awesome playlist. 🙂

    1. Hi Avery! It was really hard to narrow yours down to just one song. But AQOL is so classic. You don’t know how many awesomesauce points you’ve just accumulated with that Stripped shout out!!!!!

  5. This is an awesome idea Carlene =)

    What annoys me is when people talk on their cell phones in the check out line….. but then I think I do that…. and it’s usually YOU I’m talking too. “Sweet Tea”

    1. Hi Emma (Ann)! So of course I will dedicate “Home” to you because that’s your song. But let’s see here…what can I come up with to convey the inner conflict you feel at being annoyed and doing the same annoying thing with me in on the deed….”Shake the Disease”, because when I’m not there, in spirit I’ll be there!

      1. I’m good with “Shake The Disease” =) “Home” will ALWAYS remind me of the Phoenix show. The feeling that I was right where I belonged amongst my people. People that get the whole DM thing.

  6. Awww…love this post. Not sure how I’m feeling right now but “Home” is my favorite. I may have to turn my iPod to that man’s voice…

    1. Hi Kathleen! Yes, I also dedicate “Home” to you because I know it is also your favorite. But here’ s a special little bit for you since you’re in the mood to hear Martin’s voice. Go ahead and slip in and slide out of conscience feeling with Mr. Gore while you listen to your dedication, “Comatose”.

  7. Lovely post. What an innovative idea for a blog, and I really like my song – just finished looking it up – lyrics and youtube – and I think you hit it on the head. Well, now that 2012 is here – and I’m almost back to DC (stop over in Vegas:)…I’m going to be more than ready to get in some more critiquing (if you’ll still have me:)…I keep saying this – but Waterworld Mermaids are the bEST! thank you Mermaid Carlene for brightening up a Tuesday!

    PS – I was at the USS Arizona Memorial yesterday at Pearl Harbor – and I’ll say that the ‘tourists’ were wonderful. Respectful, and understanding of the sacred ground part and what respect means – but there were also two Navy seamen and a group of park rangers in place to make certain no one forgot the lives lost that were being memorialized. So you are preaching to the choir on this one, missy.

    1. Hi Denny! Thank you for sharing your USS Arizona Memorial experience here. You know, the majority of people at Arlington were respectful, it’s just those few who stuck out who I of course noticed. So glad you liked your song. Of course I’ll still have you!!! Happy New Year!

  8. Happy 2012 to you too Carlene and I love both your resolutions, kept or not.
    My only resolution is to help & share with others because everything’s better when shared & I feel so much better when I can help people & critters.

    1. Hi Mom! You are perhaps the best share-er I know! And one of the most positive people. I’m going to take a quick trip to the DM vault and see if I can pull out a happy tune for you…be back in a sec…whew, I’ve found it! Eureka, that was a dig. For you mom–“Peace”. And because you’re my mom, I’ll go the extra step and give you the link right here http://www.depechemode.com/lyrics/peace.html

      1. Oh my gosh Carlene! I left for the week after posting Jan 3 and didn’t have computer access. I accessed that link this morning and fell in love with the lyrics. You truly are a gift! Love the lyrics, especially “I will remember to forget”

        1. No worries Mom! See, all those years you worried about me listening to that “depressing” music wasn’t so bad afterall! With time, my favorite moody band has found a little light and peace! Glad you liked it!

  9. Carlene! You know, you are just the person who I would guess would do something so kind and thoughtful.

    I need to find the song that suits you . . . “True Friend” perhaps.

    1. Awww, thank you Robin! I can definitely convert that into a DM song. “Never Let Me Down Again” came out in 1987. I was 13. It was a time when my best friend and I were everything to each other. Happy New Year, Friend!

  10. Great post, Carlene. I love the thoughful idea- it’s been one of my goals to be thoughtful and act on it too. I am terrible at calling people or sending birthday cards, and even though I think of my friends and loved ones often, I rarely demonstrate it. My goal is to be more like my grandmother who never ever forgets a birthday or holiday card. (and she’s 93)

    1. Hi Lynne! So glad you stopped by because I’ve been thinking of what song to dedicate to you. What I’ve come up with is a mix between the love and regard you have for your grandma and the adversity a certain hero (A) and heroine (L) recently had to face! I give you “Higher Love”. Enjoy!

  11. Wow Carlene! I feel honored. This was so touching it brought tears to my eyes. Thank you. I am proud to call you my friend.

    1. Oh Dana, I am truly the lucky one but thank you so much for liking your song so much! To a beautiful 2012 house filled with everything that is wonderful!

  12. What a great post. Don’t know any of the DM songs, of course, but will look a few up. I spent some time at Indian Lake Elementary today, interviewing for a Teachers’ Assistant position. Feeling a little frightened that I might actually get the job.

    1. Hi Anna! Your song came to me in a burst of “Light”! And for my step-mom I will also be a good daughter and provide you the link to your lyrics. I feel you on the apprehension but you would only be nervous until you got a routine down. I hope you get the job!!! Here is your lyric link: http://www.depechemode.com/lyrics/light.html

  13. Wow. Just – wow. You must have been channeling something about my state of mind this past week. Because I saw “I Feel Loved” next to my name and said, hell yeah. If you’d asked me how I feel about my relationships these days, it would have been my answer. Thank you!

    1. Hi Susan! Yay! I got it right!!! Makes me feel just as good as you! Happy New Year!

      1. Hey Carlene, it was only later that I realized that I also owe the *Mermaids* a big hug and thanks for sending their love along. Best. Group. Ever. :% You guys eternally rock.

  14. Hi Carlene, Happy New Year! Enjoyed reading about all your friends and their individual qualities, my New Years Resolution is to get rid of some clutter and be neater. This is a huge undertaking for me, I hope I can succeed. Hope I’m not too late for the DM challenge 🙂

    1. Hi Aunt Terry! Thank you! I’m so in synch right now…I feel your song coming down the pipeline…Ahhhh, here it is…”Clean”. It’s never too late for a DM challenge in my book! Hope you like your song! Happy New Year and may you be inspired to fulfill your resolution!


    1. 🙂 If there’s anything a person can trust me on, it’s Depeche Mode music! Glad you liked your song! 2012 is my 25th anniversary of being a fan!

  15. I am so sorry that I am JUST getting to read this! I have had a crazy new year so far! My New Years Resolution is to not make a New Years Resolution. I find myself always make them and then feeling like I have let myself and others down because I NEVER fill them. So instead, I just make stupid little goals at the beginning of every week….for one its little things like, I am going to wear my night time socks every night so my feet will be baby butt smooth…so that if I dont succeed…it doesnt really feel like that big of a deal becasue it isnt a life changing goal. LOL Good luck on your resolution!! LOvE yA!

    1. Hi there Dana Cherie, little sis of mine. It is never too late for a DM dedication and a Not-so-New-Year’s Resolution! You made me work, but I’ve found a classic Depeche Mode song for you…”words (resolutions) are meaningless and forgettable…pleasures (baby butt smooth feet) remain” Your song is “Enjoy the Silence”! Love you…Happy New Year!

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