Bonding with My Baby Girl

I am not a gamer . . . never was. My eye-hand coordination sucks! God forbid I would have to rescue Princess Peach or save humans from invading aliens.

But this year, one of my goals was to be able to bond with my 16 year old ‘Gamer’. She’s as apt to be playing her new Skyrim (roll playing game–the fifth one in the Elder Scrolls series after Oblivion for those who are in the know) as she is splatter painting a Jackson Pollack-ish impressionistic piece of work.

So a few weeks ago I started playing “Oblivion–Elder Scrolls IV” in hopes of understanding why the game is so fascinating. I’ve watched both her and my older daughter playing for the past year or so. The scenery is breathtaking and some of the villages in the fictional world are some place I would love to vacation. The homes are quaint with old world wonder and chests/dressers filled with odds and ends–magical, mystical and gold!!

The music is soothing–spa quality, tranquility that will lull you under it’s spell if watching as a spectator and carry you through on your journeys as a player. I can learn and be anything–a mage, a fighter–even a thief–all while still saving the villagers and Empire from the evil daedric lords and the Oblivion Gates in which imps emerge and set havoc to the villages.

Nothing like getting caught up for a few hours to de-stress and then go to pick up daughter and be able to talk about finding Ancient artifacts needed and how she conquered the quest to get ideas and share in something common for a change . . . and now back to motherhood . . . go put your laundry away!

9 thoughts on “Bonding with My Baby Girl

    1. Avery,
      I also have the Xbox 360 Kinect and love the Adventure game (talk about a work out! I forget I’m exercising it’s so much fun–and I don’t have to worry about game controlers) and challenge myself a few days a week, in between my treadmill workouts. I love it! But yeah, my days of winning games (at least video-style) are over.

  1. I am sooooo impressed with you!!! I can’t believe you can play that. Now I want to – sounds so fun! 😉

  2. I’m learning, Kerri! 🙂 Trust me, my girls and their friends laugh at me (good naturedly) because my head and body move as my character moves in the game . . . it is a bit funny. 😀

    I am having fun with it though and like I said, the music is soothing. The company who made Oblivion won some major awards for the graphics, too. Unbelievable!!

  3. Hi Loni,
    It’s very cool that you care about your kids and want to know what makes their minds tick. I am pretty bad at playing those games requiring quick hand/eye skills like sports but I do like to listen to my son tell me all about the fantasy worlds of his games. The thing I like about the games he plays is that he’s just as into the books that come along with them. Those are some thick manuals but he knows them cover to cover.

    1. Carlene,
      It’s fascinating to just step away from ‘adult reality’ and enjoy being a kid again–with my daughters. They can sometimes teach me–and I’m fine with it! Lots of fun! 🙂

  4. Trust me, these are the times they will remember, and love you for it. And, you will also be able to have a tiny window into how their minds work, and keep that close to your heart when they challenge you. Good work!

  5. Loni,
    What a wonderful idea. I bound with the kids over American Idol, but that’s about it. LOL.
    Your description of the game sounds so wonderful that the company should give you some type of compensation. 🙂

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