What Do You Do To Get Through The Holiday Season?

The season starts the first Thursday of December with our family Holiday Kick-off of Swiss Colony meats/cheeses and goodies along with a Muppet’s Christmas Carol. From then on–I fly by the seat of my pants and hold on tight–sweating until I know I have all my shopping done, the accounts balanced and everything baked and delivered. Then I take a breath and enjoy.
For most of us the holiday season is filled with parties and planning, shopping and baking like we’re Pros, while still trying to juggle our normal routines of working, writing and family obligations.
So how do we cope at this wonderfully hectic time? I try to take a few minutes each day (when I find myself alone) to sit with a cup of tea and just stare into space at the lit Christmas tree. But that only suffices for a few minutes.

Each year I try to plan days for certain things to be done–a baking day, shopping day or days, and one to wrap the gifts. It’s helpful and I’m heck at making lists (thank God for whomever invented the yellow legal note pads). My husband knows I have a system and method to my madness and tries to stay out of my way. 🙂

So what do you do to help you along? I could always use some great ideas!