Megan Hart Swims with the Mermaids

The moment I walked by the shelf and was stopped in my tracks by the beautiful, haunting cover for Megan Hart’s novel, Precious and Fragile Things, I knew I had stumbled upon something special.  I was not leaving the store without that book.  That was last year’s New Year’s gift.  This year’s will be Megan’s upcoming January 1st release, All Fall Down.  The thing I admire most about Megan and her writing is that she’s refreshing and honest and not afraid to go where the story needs to go—beginning, middle and end.  Oh, and did I mention she’s a fellow Depeche Mode fan?  Yep, she’s just sort of fabulous like that.  Without further ado, let’s welcome Megan to the pond!

Getting a tattoo of your favorite band, or any tattoo for that matter—a yes or a no?

I’m all for tattoos, but I’d caution anyone thinking of permanently marking their bodies to make very, very, very, VERY sure that what they decide is something they can live with forever. 🙂

You strike me as a girl who may have a soft spot for the darker things.  So…in Phantom of the Opera, would you have chosen the Phantom over Raoul?  Why or why not?

Hmmm. I’ll admit, I’m only vaguely aware of the Phantom of the Opera’s plot points, so I can’t say for sure I’d pick the Phantom. I do have a soft spot for the darker things, no doubt on that. But I’m also practical. Not so sure I could stand living in the catacombs or sewers, or whatever…!

While writing Precious and Fragile Things, (I’m being careful not to put a spoiler in here.) did you ever consider things ending differently between Gilly and Todd? 

No. There really was no other way for it to end.

Are the processes any different for you between writing your mainstream fiction and romance? 

Not really. I approach them the same way, how am I going to tell this particular story. What is important about it. What do I need to include (or not!) to tell the story in the best way possible.

How do you feel about happy endings? 

I think they’re great! But not always realistic or truthful. Or necessary, really. Not everything has to be tied up in a perfect package to be meaningful. Sometimes we learn more from things that end badly.

Do you have a favorite constellation?

I guess I’m partial to the Little Dipper since it’s the only one I can really ever pick out. But I always can.

What was the last book you read that you’d recommend?

I just finished Hourglass by Myra McEntire about an hour ago, and really enjoyed it. I re-read The Talisman by Stephen King and Peter Straub just before that, and I would always recommend it.

What is your favorite Depeche Mode song and why?

That’s a tough one. I love so many of them. I really like World in My Eyes because it’s very sexy. The entire Violator album is. I guess you’d have to ask me if there’s a Depeche Mode song that is NOT my favorite, really. And I can’t say there is!

I love the warning on the back of your erotic novel, Passion Model.  That being said, is there any topic you would feel uncomfortable writing about?  If not, kudos to you!

I wouldn’t write about degradation. I like a little D/S in my fiction, but not of the “grovel at my feet you worm!” sort. I’m just not into humiliation. I think it would be a tough stretch to get me to incorporate any sort of super hardcore kinks or fetishes in my erotic writing, too. Beyond that, I don’t think I’d limit myself too much.

What can you tell us about your upcoming novel, All Fall Down, to be released January 1, 2012?

All Fall Down is the story of Sunshine and her three children, who are told to leave the commune where she was raised by her mother just before the entire commune commits suicide at the request of its leader. Sunny ends up living with her biological father and his wife, who desperately wants children but discovers getting what you want can be worse than not.


***Megan, you’ve made many a mermaids’ day by stopping by our pond today!  Thank you so very much!  I absolutely cannot wait to pick up All Fall Down in ten days!!!!  Happy Holidays!

Find out more about Megan and her fabulous fiction here.




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  1. Carlene and Megan,
    Great interview! And Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays!

    I had the honor of meeting you, Megan recently at the Baltimore Book Festival when I was working with my chapter mates in MRW. You did a question and answer session after reading an excerpt from one of yourbooks. I was one to ask a question and received your book, PLEASURE AND PURPOSE from your very fingers! I brought it home and read it. Phenomenal! Loved the handmaidens. What a fresh approach! Looking forward to catching up on some of your others!

    Wishing you both a joyous and prosperous New Year!

  2. Thank you for sharing that with us Loni Mermaid and Happy Holidays to you too! Another thing I love about Megan is that she writes in several different genres so there’s something for everyone!

  3. Thank you Carlene for introducing me to a new-to-me author! All Fall Down sounds great and I’m off to go preorder. Having a book addiction means forever falling off the wagon.

    1. Avery Mermaid–I’m so happy to have introduced you to Megan! She’s a great one to fall off the wagon for!

  4. Great interview, Carlene-Mermaid!

    Thanks so much for stopping by, Megan! All Fall Down sounds so interesting – can’t wait to get it! Happy Holidays!

  5. Thanks so much for stopping by Megan. Great interview! You have intrigued me with with All Fall Down, now I’m going to have to check it out. Hope you ladies have a wonderful holiday season!

    1. Hi Dana Mermaid! Glad you liked the interview and glad you are intrigued! Happy Holidays!

    1. Hey M! Waving back Mermaid style, flippers a ‘flippin and sending fishy kisses! Thank you so much for being our guest today!

    1. Lynne you seriously rock! Thanks for visiting us at the pond and I’m so happy you liked todays M and M combo!

  6. Thank you Mermaid Carlene for a wonderful interview and for introducing me to Megan Hart. I just visited her website and have added a couple of her titles to my must read list.

    1. Hi Denny Mermaid! I feel so honored to have introduced some of you to Megan. I know you will find some things you will just love of hers!

    1. Thank you Emma! It means so much to see all my favorite people stopping by today! And Megan is just totally awesome!

  7. Kudos Carlene & Megan on all the Q&A’s skimming all across the multi-media mermaid pond! Happy Holidays!

    1. Thank you Robin Mermaid! Megan was such a good sport to answer my semi-off-the-wall questions! I truly appreciate her swimming with us today!

    1. Thank you Aunt Terry! Megan has something for everyone, making her awesome-sauce as Kerri Mermaid would say!

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by Aunt Kathy! It was definitely fun having Megan here with us today!

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