Things You Love to Hate…Pet Peeves

Yes.  I’ve got some pet peeves.  Years ago, they may have merely been classified as annoyances, but today there are things that just bug the living hell out of me.

 What have I done about my pet peeves?  Well, I’ve thrown many of them into my writing!  Don’t you?

 Come on, admit it.  Don’t you have things that you wish you could say or do, but you feel like you can’t?  But, your characters can say and do anything they want!  You can’t be held responsible for their actions.  It’s fiction!  Right?

So, if I write that one of my characters finds it annoying when someone dips their French fries in her ketchup, what’s wrong with that?  Maybe those French fry dippers will stay the hell away from my ketchup and find their own…if they read my first book.  🙂

 If I can rid the world of things hanging off rearview mirrors, that’s a campaign I can seriously get behind.  I have a friend who admitted that she has tacky dice proudly swinging from her rearview mirror.  (You know who you are, Kerri)  Another friend has a dream catcher.  Cute.  Right?  Wrong!  The number one thing I hate is the crystal prism that practically blinds the people both in the front and back of that car.  To all of you who feel the pressing urge to adorn your rearview mirror—Just. Say. No.

 Do you secretly throw your pet peeves into books as your own personal therapy session free of charge?  Do you give your hero or heroine your own annoyance of a particular pet peeve?  Do you make the protagonist chew her hair or crack his knuckles?  Maybe have someone say, “You know” after everything they say? 

 What are some of the things that drive you nuts?  Do you identify with characters in your favorite book because they share the same likes or dislikes? 

 Fess up!  What are the things you love to hate the most?  I’ll go ahead and get things started.  Let me know if I should include some more.  Unfortunately I have tons.

I love this saying by George Carlin:  “I don’t have pet peeves—I have major psychotic f***ing hatreds.”

I’m not that bad.  Yet.

 Kim’s Ten Top Pet Peeves

  1. You guessed it…dipping your food in my ketchup.
  2. Rearview mirror decorations…especially prisms.  Hate those.
  3. Bumper stickers.  Who cares what you think???
  4. Smart cars.  Enough said.
  5. People who have to One Up others.
  6. Double negatives
  7. Twenty Questions at the gas pump (credit or debit/do you want a car wash?/gas card #?/receipt or no receipt?  Wouldn’t it seriously be faster to just go into the gas station???)
  8. People who begin an explanation with, “…Again, I said…”
  9. Gum chompers–if I wanted to hang out with a cow, I’d visit the zoo.
  10. Self checkout lanes–shouldn’t the stores be paying me for MY time?
  11. People who can’t stop at 10 on lists.  🙂  
  12. Texting while you’re with other people–RUDE!
Unload!  Tell us all your pet peeves.  Who knows?  Maybe one of them will end up in a book.