Sarah Wendell Swims with the Waterworld Mermaids

Smart girls don’t like romance books. It’s totally true. I read it on the internet. Also, girls who wear glasses are not hot; airbrushing models in magazine ads is a total fallacy; and every man should shave their chest hair.

Ha. Could you imagine what a sad world we would live in if all that were true? Epic fail to use the parlance of our times (yep, watched The Dude last night). So imagine my delight in having Sarah Wendell joining us in the Waterworld Mermaid lagoon today. Sarah is not only one of the founders of Smart Bitches, Trashy Books, but she has written two books about romance novels and their importance. You guessed it, I have a total girl crush on her and after reading this you will too.

Take it away, Sarah!

Set the scene for us, where are you and what are your three favorite objects within arms reach?

I’m in my office. The heat just came on and the thermonuclear radiator under my desk is so awesome I might have to go put on a bathing suit. My three favorite things within arm’s reach: Zeb, small 3 year old Cavalier mix; Buzz, medium sized Spaniel mix, and my cell phone, which is telling me it is snack time. YAY!

What was your celebratory treat for finishing “Everything I Know About Love I Learned From Romance Novels”?

A bottle of wine. I think it was red. I drank it. Oh, and some chocolate and a lot of sleep.

For the sake of this question, your best friend is single, what romance hero would you set her up with?

Ooh, tough question! I’d have to think about it, as there are so many very different heroes. It isn’t as if there’s one perfect dude for everyone and all the romance writers create books about him. Each hero is perfect for the heroine he’s matched with in each novel… so there’s no one perfect hero, alas.

What is the proper punishment for those who still don’t embrace the awesomeness of romance books?

I make you read one. A good one. One that’ll blow your mind.

What kind of support do you have as book blogger to help you with your website, e-mails, promotion?

Website, e-mail, promotion, content: that’s all me. I have an intern who just started but we’re still working out her responsibilities. Above all, the hubby, who helps me run the book club chats once a month and listens to me ramble about crazy ideas I’ve had.

With the increase in e-books, digital publishing, self publishing and all the changes in New York, where do you see the industry going and what are you doing to prepare?

I see the book buying public buying books as much as they ever did, and that’s about as far into prognostication as I can go. That said, these types of technological and commercial shifts have happened before, and they’ll happen again. Prices will change, literacy will change, book reading will change, but reading and literacy will remain and possibly increase. That’s a good thing.


Amen to that! To celebrate Sarah getting in touch with her inner-Mermaid, we’re giving away a Kindle copy of “Everything I Know About Love I Learned from Romance Novels” to one lucky commenter. All you have to do is tell us what romance novels have taught you about love by 11:59 p.m. EST Nov. 22. The Waterworld Mermaids’ lucky seahorse, Mr. Smarmy Pants, will pick the winner at random.

If you, like me, dig the smart ones, come on over to the Avery Flynn blog where Sarah chats some more. I’m giving away a Kindle copy of Sarah’s first book, “Beyond Heaving Bosoms,” over there.

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21 thoughts on “Sarah Wendell Swims with the Waterworld Mermaids

  1. Yay – welcome to our lagoon, Sarah! Great interview!

    Romance novels have taught me so much, I don’t even know where to begin! I’m going to ponder this question through my next work meeting. 😉

  2. Hello Sarah! This is a crazy cool privilege to have you here! Thank you Avery too! Wait, wait, wait….(having a hold the phone moment right now) there is one perfect hero for everyone….his name is Valerius Magnus! (Ahhh, sighhhhh,hehehehehe)

    I have learned sooooooo many things in my three short years of reading romance novels but you want to know what it’s taught me about love? That if there’s an ounce of good in someone, love will be the one thing that redeems them. But if they’re truly evil, no can do buddy!

  3. Hi Sarah,

    Great interview! Avery, fun questions.

    Sarah I had the pleasure of meeting you at Anderson’s Bookshop in Naperville, IL. You’re as much fun in person as you are on the Net. 🙂

    You’ve interacted with a lot of authors in the last few years (maybe more!). What characteristics do you find endearing about an author? What characteristics are a turnoff?

    Thanks bunches! (Waving madly to my RU pal Robin!)


  4. Hi Sarah! I loved ‘Beyond Heaving Bosoms” and especially love the looks I got from people who saw the cover – Priceless!

    I should also thank you for introducing me to the genre of “Adirondack Chair Porn” – I’ve added a few Toni Blake’s to my pile. ; )

  5. Hi mermaids! Nice to discover your blog through an interview of Sarah! 🙂

    Many romance novels taught me about love, but if I had to mention just a couple off the top of my head: Force of Nature (Suzanne Brockmann), On the Way to the Wedding (Julia Quinn), A Knight in Shining Armor (Jude Deveraux)…

  6. Thanks for the great post Avery and Sarah! What has romance taught me? A lot. Primarily that there is someone for everyone and the most important thing, the thing that makes the world go around, are relationships. Love, friendships, even those quirky acquaintances from work, they all make our lives richer and love can pop up any where at any time–especially when you’re least expecting it.

  7. Avery,
    I’ve been reading romance books since I was eleven-years old, and the characters have changed so much since then. I remember wayyyy back then the women all seemed to have to get rescued by the big, strong man, and now that’s not the case anymore. I think it makes the love on the page so much stronger when both characters are as strong separately as they are together. None of that, “You complete me” garbage. Maybe more of a “You complement me so much that I think we should hit the bed” type of philosophy. LOL.

  8. Avery, great post and Sarah–welcome to the warm waters of mermaid lagoon! It’s great to have you here! Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. I must say romance books have given me therapy. It is the only thing I’m really comfortable cozying up to on a cold, rainy day (unless DH is there of course 🙂 ). I remember the sultry, innocent maidens of the 80’s and the larger than life heroes that Kimberly talks of (above comment). I have to say I cut my teeth on Kensington Zebra Historicals with Victoria Thompson and F. Roseanne Bittner back in the day (still re-read them). But I do agree with Asia (welcome Asia!) on one in particular–fell in love with Jude Deveraux’s, “A Knight in Shining Armor”. It’s timeless–pardon the pun!

    Many hugs! And giving thanks to all my beautiful mer-sisters our there!


  9. Great post, Avery and Sarah. I love romance books and I have a pet peeve for people who diss them. Romance is complex, fascinating, and by golly it makes the world go around.

    1. Really. I think it’s the fact that it’s considered women’s work. Take the movie A 40-Year-Old Virgin, that was a romantic comedy no doubt about it. How was it packaged as a dude laughfest. Sigh.

  10. What a great post and welcome to the lagoon, Sarah! Like Kimberly, I’ve been reading romance novels since I was a teenager and found my grandma’s secret stash… but that was the 70’s. Reading so many was a great way to escape yet another humid Georgia summer without air conditioning… What did I learn from reading them? Everything — they were my first classes in writing a romance!

  11. Congratulations to Asia M for winning a Kindle copy of Sarah Wendell’s Everything I Know About Love I Learned from Romance Novels! Our Waterworld Mermaid office manager, Queen Triton, will be e-mailing it out to you ASAP.

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