Hurricane Irene–Foe or Friend

Many of us are on the alert today about the incoming Hurricane Irene along the east coast of the United States.  She looks like she can be a doozie so please, heed all warnings posted by the authorities in your area, keep track of the weather stations and The Weather Channel and stay safe.  I need all my friends out there for inspiration, motivation and just to be there–always!

Here are a few things you will want to be aware of if you aren’t already prepared:

  • Water, non-perishable foods, batteries for flashlights/radio, candles, matches/lighters too.
  • A full tank of gas in your vehicle (no electricity–no gas pumps) same with ATM’s–get cash out now.
  • Pets–make sure you have 3 days supply of food/water, any meds–baggies for dogs/litter and litter box for cat, carriers and leashes, tags and papers for shots/etc.
  • Have a copy of your homeowners/renters insurance for possible damage after storm.
  • Also, have your safe/family documents in a safe place.
  • Don’t forget to stow/tie down items in your yard that could cause a hazard in high winds.
  • Writers–don’t forget to back up all of your files of your WIP’s and important research files to something portable.  Keep it on you if possible or in a safe place.
  • Remember during emergency situations–try to stay off your phones as lines (even cell lines) will get bogged down.  Use only for emergencies or make the calls quick (just to let family know you are okay).
  • Oh, and just for the heck of it (or the need) don’t forget the box of chocolates–the good kind you’ve been craving but didn’t think you needed them–this is the time for them. 🙂

If I’ve forgotten anything, please feel free to post as a comment. But these are the ‘foe’ issues I associate with the incoming storm.

Now for the ‘friendly’ issues–if you can see them as such:

Hurricane Irene gives us the potential to take a breath from our harried days perhaps.  For some at least, unless you are emergency responders and to you–I give you all the love in the world–you are the true heroes!  But if we can step back and look at this situation in a different light–it may just be kind of neat:

  • No electricity?  Candle light time.  Get out the family board games, a few non-perishable snack items and sit around the dining room table and have some quality family time.
  • Been wanting to get to your ‘to read pile’?  What better time?  No electricity–hold up at home–snuggle under a blanket and start the next one in the pile.
  • No computer?  Get out the old spiral notebook–start that next best seller.  You have the ‘dark and stormy night’ already to go. 🙂
  • Sit and catch up on quality time.  Find out how DH has been doing lately.  (Rekindle the flame that the hustle and bustle of keeping up with technology and time has taken you away from.)  Re-connect with your kids–what better time to stop for a cuddle and make memories they will be able to tell their kids.

What are some of your ideas to do during a “dark and stormy night”?

Stay safe and hugs to all !


10 thoughts on “Hurricane Irene–Foe or Friend

  1. Great suggestions! I particularly like the chocolate idea. I would just add to check in on any elderly neighbors to see if they need anything.

    Stay safe everyone!

  2. Good call, Kerri on checking on elderly neighbors. Please, those of you out there, take a moment and do so now. Make sure they are prepared–run an errand for them if you are going to the same place in your journeys today in prepping.

    As far as chocolates–I’m going out for some dark chocolates. (There goes my bonus Weight Watchers points this weekend–but my antioxident level will be good.) 🙂

  3. Thanks for the reminders, Loni. Also, do your laundry! A full drawer of clean underwear is a great first step when facing a disaster scenario. Also, be sure you have full charges on cell phones, Kindle or Nook, iPad, laptop, or whatever wireless device you use. People who are on well water, fill the bathtub so you have water for flushing if the power goes out. And yes to chocolate!

  4. Clean underwear–extremly important! (Thanks for reminding me–mine are in the dryer from this morning’s wash load.) 🙂

    Thanks for the extra comments–I knew I would forget things.

    You all take care up north too. It sounds like it’s going to be a doozie. (Lots of rain and wind).

    We should all report in after the storm and tell our stories!

  5. Laundry! I knew I was forgetting something. 🙂

    Bringing in the lawn chairs this afternoon. Have stacks of books ready to go. Stay safe ladies!

  6. I went ahead and used today to cook ahead. Made up lots of chicken and potatoes that we can eat cold if we have to. Of course hubby still plans on having football practice tonight and a tentative one tomorrow night! Also invited family down in Williamsburg to come stay with us and bring their canned goods. Yes, please everyone check in once the storm passes. Remember that little earthquake we had a few days ago? This Cali girl wasn’t shaken too much with that, but Hurricanes and Tornadoes get me shakin’ in my flipflops every time! Thank you for this post Loni Mermaid!

    1. I hear you about the Hurricans and Tornadoes. My aunt and uncle lost their house during Hurricane George years ago because of tornadoes during the hurricane–so that worries me.
      Keep safe Mermaid Carlene!

  7. Thanks for the great reminders Loni. Everyone baton down the hatches and stay safe! I already know what I’ll be doing…working on a certain secret project…. 🙂

  8. Avery,
    Yeah. Have to finish mine too. Need to store the outside yard decor. Now not sure if anything is going to happen over our way. But prepared just in case.
    Thanks for stopping by!

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