There’s a hashtag on Twitter for authors who are writing: #amwriting.

Unfortunately, I haven’t been #amwriting lately, and it’s gone to my head. I need to cut it out. Get with the discipline. Have some accountability.

“Good lord, this sounds like Weight Watchers,” I say to myself at this point, which may sound a lot like what you’re saying to yourself right now.

Sometimes I get annoyed when writers post their word metrics. But why? I can read them or ignore them, at my whim. What’s important is that the writer is WRITING, and those metrics hold them accountable to not only themselves but the rest of the world.

And so, for at least the next month, I challenge you to come along with me and post your word metrics. Be honest. Be realistic. Do it every single day. Remember — even six words is better than nothing. Just like climbing those stairs is better than sitting on your butt.

I wrote 1544 words yesterday. As soon as I go post that number on my blog, I’ll start writing again and see how far I can get.

Are you guys with me?

How much have you written today?

Project: Saturday (sequel to Enchanted)
Deadline: Dec 31, 2011
New words written: 1544
Present total word count: 12,844 words

8 thoughts on “#amwriting

  1. This is a cool idea. I take the summer off to do “real life research” and restock my creativity reservoir while my son is out of school and we’re on vacation together. While I’m always very excited to get back to writing, I think this is a good tool to help kickstart getting back in the swing of things. So here we go:
    Project: Future Mermaid Blog
    Deadline: August 17, 2011
    New Words Written: 149
    Present Total Word Count: 149

  2. I have been doing something similar when a friend of mine started doing 1K1H (1,000 words and hour) sessions throughout the day. On my blog I’ve been hosting a “Healthy Writing” challenge to anyone interested from Aug. 8-the end of the month. We try to keep track of word count, motivate those to challenge them at four different hours throughout the day and see if we can find some balance in staying healthy and writing.
    Funny you should mention Weight Watchers–I’ve been doing that and the 1k1h’s to help on both ends of the spectrum. But I have seen posts for the #amwriting too on Twitter and have been thinking about those. Have to balance everything in.


  3. That’s right! The Healthy Writing challenge! The 1K1H idea sounds great too. Honestly, whatever is going to get an author sitting down in front of the computer, I’m all for.

    There’s also a #wordwars War Room, but it’s a little too intimidating for me at the moment while I’m trying to balance work and writing and home life again.

    You’re so right…it’s all about balance!

  4. I’ve been doing weekly word count goals, and trying to be fairly realistic when setting them. For example, I’m traveling at the end of this week so I know to keep it pretty short. This week = 4,000.

    Current WIP total = 35,623

  5. Sounds great! Maybe when I get back home and to a semi-regular schedule I can get into it!

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