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You may remember that back on June 6  I posted about my task to get back on track with my writing and to start putting together a do-able schedule to ensure that I could have time to write and to balance my other duties as a wife, mother, attorney and friend.  So, I read this book:

It was enlightening and helped me focus on my writing style and a realistic set of goals for myself.  I’m an “after-hours/any time opportunity” writer – meaning that I write when everyone else is down for the night and also when I can snatch time during the day. So, I’ve a whole new set of goals and a schedule posted on the fridge and it appears to be working. I’ve met and exceeded my daily word count of 1000 words for the past two weeks and it feels great!

So, the next thing I need to tackle is where I write. Right now it is anywhere I can grab a quiet place and take the laptop.  Usually that’s the sofa in the sitting area in my master suite or down in the “grown-up” living room. But, my husband pointed out that I need a dedicated space where I can go and know that it’s “writing time” – what a guy, right? (Actually, he said, “I’m tired of watching you wander around the house like a homeless Stephen King.”)

So, we have new project – Operation Bestseller (catchy, huh?).  We’ve identified the location and what we need to do get there.  Here’s the location:

That’s my closet. It is 19 feet long –  yep, you read that right. It is the result of adding a third bay to the garage when we built the house and the last 8 feet is going to my new writing space. It will have a small lounge chair, bookshelves and PRIVACY. Aaahhh . . .

And – here is the change:

A closer view. I opted not to have a desk – it felt too much like being on the day job.

I track contests, deadlines and plots on this board:

My wall of inspiration:

Inspiration up close:

I made this – isn’t it cute?

I already need another bookshelf. These are black cubicles from Target.

Part of my Harlequin Blaze collection:

I can feel the creative juices flowing just thinking about it! It so quiet and secluded and I can go in there and focus – What. A. Concept.

Where do you write? Do you have a special place?


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  1. Oh Robin! What an inspiration! And hilarious to boot – I love the wandering homeless Stephen King reference. Snort! I have an area set up in my very own beautiful room. So where do I write? On the couch in the family room. Go figure. But you’ve given me some great ideas. To success, chica!! *clink of wine glasses*

    1. Thanks Debra – I’m surprised at how focused I can be in there. I am going to get a smaller chalkboard for my daughter – she likes to come in and color while I work.

  2. Robin, I love your space. But the best thing is your plotting board. That’s amazing!!! Good luck with your new digs.

    1. Lynn: That was a happy accident. When we built the house my brother and sister-in-law (hi Matthew and Rebecca!) gave me the way cool Pottery Barn chalkboard but I didn’t have anywhere to put it. So, I put in the basement and planned a wall space for it down there when we get around to finishing it. So, I remembered it was down there and it fit perfectly!

  3. Robin, I love your space “Operation Bestseller”! I actuallly have an office but it’s open and bright and way too cheery for me most days. Hehehe. I’m excited about our upcoming move to Texas–I am gonna use your pictorial for inspiration to really make whatever space I end up claiming my own.

  4. That’s your closet????????? Swoon……………………….. Ahhh, I’m so freaking jealous of you right now! Screw the writing space! Viva la shoes!

    Okay, I’m kidding. (Sort of. No, not really. Shoes and clothes are awesomesauce!) But kudos to you and your hubby for taking your writing seriously. I love that you didn’t include a desk. That space is adorable and I hope it brings you wonderful luck!

    And congrats on meeting 1,000 words/day. Impressive!

    I’ve been writing at my work desk during my lunch break and sometimes I stay late if I’m feeling it. I actually like typing on a desktop. At home I either write at my desk, which is by a window or in my papasan chair just because I feel comfy there. 😉

  5. Kerri – I also write during my lunch hour (I take my laptop to work with me) but when I go home, I want a different vibe.

    Yeah, I love my closet . . . it rocks!

  6. Congrats on your new space! I’m in love with your inspiration board. Usually I build collages for characters and book vibes, but they take up storage room after a while 😉 I might have to trade up for an interchangeable board.

    Due to our own space constraints, I have a cheapo tray desk tucked into the corner of our master bedroom for writing and for the days I’m home working the day job instead of in the office.

    1. Cera: Maybe you can find a board with two sides that you can flip over? That way it still takes only the space of one. One of my friends has one that she slides under the bed and pulls out when you need it.

  7. Hi Robin — I love your new space! I’ll bet it’s quiet too. I write at the same place i work my day job since i work from home. That means i double-task all the time. Tough sometimes but if i get 15 minutes to write, it’s great not to have to go anywhere. Thanks for the inspiration! : ) Tara

  8. I love your space. That said, I am in the camp that says worrying about when and where to write is time spent thinking about writing instead of writing. I read this advice from, ironically, Stephen King and then Neil Gaiman and then Merlin Mann. It finally took. I got a macbook Air because it fits in my purse and boots in seconds. I take 15 minutes at lunch minimum and write. Once I got in the habit I started finding other bits of time.

    I also downloaded a voice recorder to my phone because I get a lot of ideas while walking the dog.

    1. Julie: I also take my little netbook with me and I squeeze it in anywhere I can. But, it is so much easier for me to that when I am not at home. At home, I’m surrounded by the kids and the Main Man and constantly plagued with the thought that I should be doing laundry etc. So, having a space for me to go to when I am home is the outward signal to myself and the family that now is my writing time and that any expectation to do anything else is not acceptable. Crossing that threshold has helped me immensely in managing the writing at home. (And, it was fun to carve out my little sanctuary.)

  9. What a creative way to make the most of your space! I absolutely love your writing area, complete with a window for natural light. Now get to work on that bestseller so I can buy a copy.

  10. Love the office space. I have the finished side of downstairs basement, my wall of inspiration (pics of hot guys/girls and other information for local). Good luck on Operation Bestseller!!

  11. I love your little writing space, Robin. I have a tiny office in a spare bedroom. It gets a lot of light, which is great for me, but it is cramped in there, especially since I store other stuff there too. I love your blackboard. I just bought the down-market version, a big corkboard on sale at Target. It’s only about half the size, though. 🙁


    1. Tori – I love my blackboard but it was a gift from my in-laws. I’d never by something that size for myself and definitely not a Pottery Barn prices!

  12. That’s great, Robin. I actually have a dedicated office I never use. But I’ve moved a recliner in there. I think I agree with you about the desk. Seemed like work if I was sitting there.

    Congrats on the new digs.

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