Still Searching for a Tagline…

I’ve been on a quest to find the perfect tagline. That elusive phrase that summarizes all that there is to know about moi the writer and aspiring author. Why is it important since I don’t have an agent (yet), or a book sold (yet)? Well, it’s all about marketing in the new era of author as business owner (can I get an AMEN).

In this new age, you can’t just sit back and rest on your laurels. You must create the foundation for success by getting on board the marketing train and tooting your own horn. You would think I could do this with my eyes closed. After all, I am a professional marketer. Have been for 25 years. But nope…and you ask why?

I’ve hit a brick wall.

I just can’t come up with that clever catch phrase, and “I’m smart. I know things.” (Think Godfather II, and you’ll get the reference:)…But clearly I don’t know as much as I thought about creating a brand for me (versus clients or even offering advice and creative to other authors and writers).

So, I’ve been doing my research, searching the Internet and visiting at least a 100 author sites, and here’s what I’ve deduced.

1)  Once you hit the NYTimes Bestseller list -you don’t need a tag line:)

2) If you write Urban Fantasies – you don’t need a tag line:)

3) If you are a male author – you don’t need a tag line (okay, this doesn’t help me much, but it’s what I got)

4) And with all of this said – I still want my freaking tagline…

What’s your tagline and how did you come up with it?

And if you’ve got something left and can spare – toss it my way!

5 thoughts on “Still Searching for a Tagline…

  1. Denny, I don’t know what your tagline will be, but I think it should be something quick, witty, endearing, all the things I hear in your posts. Yeah, I know that doesn’t really help, right? Kidding aside, maybe come at it from this angle…what is it you want to tell the world, and then sum it up in a line. For instance, I like to write about tragic journeys. So I have a tagline for myself like this…”Seeing the beauty of love’s dark hearts.” I might have a different one for the times when I feel like challenging the concept of a happy ending. Try to identify what your main message or theme is in your stories.

    1. Thank you:)…I’m taking the advice I’m finding here and going to run with it. It will come to me sooner or later…fingers crossed:)…

      I do like yours (darn it. everyone who commented has a really good tagline!:)

  2. Denny – I have one, although I can’t say if it is useful or not. I write very sexy romances targeted for Harlequin Blaze and so mine is . . . . .

    Sizzling Romance. Burning up the sheets, one page at a time.

    I spent weeks just writing down whatever came to mind and this one clicked.

    1. Totally love your tagline…in fact in some of my other blog posts I actually mention it, and use it as an example to other writers I’m working with on a blog. I will definitely keep puttering around with some phrases and see come up with.

  3. Denny, I write historical so my tagline is….

    History and Love…Untainted by Time.

    I don’t think you need a tagline, but I will say my eye is drawn to clever ones when I am on various writing loops. I did what Robin suggested to come up with mine; writing down whatever came into my mind for a couple of weeks and then playing with what I came up with.

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