For Those Going to Nationals . . .

If you’ve seen this already, I hope you enjoy it again.

To all my writing sisters out there going to RWA Nationals—

• Be careful on your trip.

• Stay safe

• Have fun

• Learn lots

• Meet new friends (finally meet face to face with those you’ve only talked to via on-line loops, chats, etc.)

• Be inspired

• Be amazed

• Be safe (again)

• Be supportive

• Be loving

• Be kind to others

• Don’t sweat the small stuff

• Don’t forget 7 pairs of clean panties (read about forgetting underwear on trip—not good unless you are used to going without)

• Don’t walk out of the ladies room with t.p. stuck to the bottom of your shoe (or your dress caught in your pantyhose)

• When squeezing lemon into your water, cup both hands around your lemon wedge to keep the juice/ seeds from flying in a potential agent/editor’s eyes. (I saw it in a social film once—don’t ask.)

• Remember to warm the cognac in your hand—should be served at room temperature in a snifter . . . oh, wait a minute, those are notes from my recent research—never mind. (Use the information only if needed.)

• If hot, male romance cover model comes up to you and asks if you are his next cover partner . . . say “Heck yes!” and you need lots of practice with him before the photo shoot (just make sure hubby is not around—best if you are single)

• Be Safe (can’t say it enough)

• If asked how you come up with sex scenes for your novels just smile and give them a look of pure, thought-provoking enjoyment. (They’ll get the picture. No words needed.)

• Remember—before you can take over the world, you must first be able to make a really flaky pie crust. (A guy in my senior high school class wrote that in my yearbook. I didn’t understand at first—I thought he was crazy—but it makes sense. If you can make a really flaky pie crust, you probably can take over the world. Whoever came up with the phrase ‘simple as pie’ was an idiot!) Doesn’t have much to do with conference or writing but…thought I would share.

• Oh and finally . . . stay safe.


Loni Lynne