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Tawny Weber (aka Hot Sassy Romance Author) dips a toe in the water!

From Mermaid Susan:  The Mermaids are delighted to welcome author Tawny Weber to talk about her titles A SEAL’s Seduction, and its equally hot companion, A SEAL’s Surrender, both from Harlequin  Blaze.

Welcome to the lagoon, Tawny!  Tell us a bit about yourself and how you came to embrace the writing life.

Thank you for the lovely welcome! And what a nice lagoon you have here!  Can I get a frothy drink in a coconut shell?  I’m a fan of froth.  🙂

I love the writing life. But I wasn’t one of those gifted writers born to it, or even one who discovered it in their early years.  Growing up, though, while so many friends worshipped actors or rock stars, my pedestals were all saved for authors.  I love books.  But it wasn’t until my husband asked me what I’d do if I could have any dream career that I even considered writing.  Once he’d prodded me in the right direction, I embraced the idea.  It took me 4 years and 6 books…
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How a Mermaid got Entangled and Lived to Tell the Tale

The Savvy Authors Entangled NaNoWriMo Smackdown is winding down, and I am one of the lucky writers who participated.  I had an entire month to achieve a book, just for the Entangled Line!  How exciting is that?

Entangled Smackdown

I confess, I didn’t take this challenge seriously until I had an email telling me (surprise!) that my badge was waiting to be claimed.  Once I understood, I spend a couple of days being just plain scared.  I even ordered a workbook, Susan Alderson’s The Plot Whisperer Workbook (worth every penny, imho).  I splurged and went to Staples for a new paper notebook.

Then I got to work.  Then a hurricane came and took away my power for four days.  But I kept working, charging up (and showering) at a friend’s house, and working some more.  In fact, I worked even harder.  I was determined not to let a measly power outage stop me from writing!  I also knew a…
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Better Off Dead (Part Two) by Susan Andrews

What if the innocent enjoyment of a Christmas candy took a wrong turn?  It could happen, Benny thought.  There would, of course, be the ominous heaving and moaning and drooling of a choking victim.  The hand clutched around the windpipe.  The flailed elbows, the chest convulsing as the lungs looked for their next intake.

No more.  And she would be done.

So would those two innocent little kids.  The older one, helping his kid brother cut out another snowflake, would try to replace his mother with a string of inappropriate women.  The little one would, likewise, be lost in the cycle of death and destruction, as the others tried (and failed) to patch their lives back together.  The happy family, divided forever.

What a pleasant prospect.  “Now you’ve gone and ruined Christmas,” his mother said, once upon a time.  This was so much better.

Better Off Dead (Part One) by Susan Andrews

Less to do

Less to enjoy

Who would have thought

to be envious

of them

still struggling in their


That hard life

hurried, horrid

harried with demands

from perfect strangers

and those who think


in being friends

or BFFs

even when they are dead


Damn, but that was good.  Benny bit the not-quite-existent end of his pencil and savored the sensation he remembered, of wood crunching under his teeth and metal on his tongue.  What a great moment, to have written such –

Oh, dear.  Was it the standard prose/verse he’d always cranked out?  Not quite good enough to publish, not bad enough to throw away.   Always the same result, even in death.  Even a dead guy couldn’t escape doubt.

Ghosts in Mermaid Lagoon Free Short Story Anthology

A cold chill has invaded the Waterworld Mermaid lagoon. Is it merely the firm grip of fall or something far more sinister?

Find out for yourself as we bring you a month-long short story anthology featuring ghost stories from mermaids Carlene Love Flores, Dana Rogers, Denny S. Bryce, Kerri Carpenter, Kimberly MacCarron, Loni Lynne, Masha Levinson and Susan Andrews. On October 31 our Ghosts in Mermaid Lagoon free read ends with a massive giveaway.

So step right into the lagoon, the water is perfect for tales of ghosts and mysteries of the great beyond.

Christmas Was All I Wrote

You know when I love writing?   Not when I remember at the last minute that it’s my day to post, and I haven’t started the short story I promised for the fifteenth…  There are lots of days I don’t write.  But I believe I can write, and I know I write well, when I bother to do it.  I especially love writing when I am so convinced I’ve gotten it right that I start crying.

Most of the Mermaids know that I spent a good twenty years out of the writing loop. I’d hung up my keyboard, decided the life wasn’t for me. But, secretly, I was lying. Because of the one thing I did write:  Christmas letters. Every year, I set myself a deadline and I wrote the absolute best Christmas letter I possibly could write. This was my way of proving to myself that I could write, and write well.Read the Rest…


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