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The Spark: Sizzling at First Contact

You know how when the hero and heroine have their first meeting, and at least one of them, but usually both, have that “feeling” they can’t always describe.  They don’t know where it comes from.  And they’ve never felt it before.

It’s just that something special.

That spark.

A shock of electricity, a quiver of their insides…those feelings.

We as readers recognize this as the age old sign that they are soul mates, whether they know it right now or not.  I love that.  In fact I just tilted my head to my shoulder and sighed for the potential sweethearts.

But is that electric current passing through their fingertips always believable?  I am on a quest to find more examples of this indescribable feeling, this spark, the lovebirds get when they first meet or come into contact.  My current H & H feel a connection when he mistakes her for someone else and sneaks up on her to hug her from behind.  Is it believable enough to say the reason she doesn’t whirl around and whack him is because in that moment, her being knows somehow that he would never hurt her?  What are your feelings about this?  If you’ve read a sizzling first contact scene that stands out, I’d love for you to share it.

For the record, I really wanted her to spin around and smack him or at least elbow him.  She refused of course.  Silly girl.  😉