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Bring a songwriter to the pond: Welcome Julie Butler!

Ask a writer what inspires them and often the answer you’ll get is music.  Naturally, I’m curious about the artists behind these inspiring songs.  I recently poked my nose into the Nashville area and asked the gorgeous voice and richly talented songwriter, Julie Butler, to sit down and have a chat about her “songwriter” self.  Her answers blew me away.   Be sure to check out the lyrics she wrote about mermaids at the end!  Yes, she’s pretty fabulous.

 Me: Hi Julie!  Let’s jump on in the water.   Can you start things off by sharing a little about your “artist self”?

Julie: Carlene, my artist self and my “daily-grind self” struggle with each other on a regular basis. There is some very real pain connected to my creativity. There’s guilt (for not doing enough creatively). There’s a lack of confidence (because my mom is the creative one – not really, but I thought so for many, many years.) There’s shame (because I always thought I would be DOING SOMETHING BIG (LOL) and making my living doing something creative instead of working in the corporate world. There’s also guilt because I never finished college, and I believe that has held me back creatively.

My artist self is extremely shy and she lacks confidence. But she has a lot to say and is becoming more and more impatient with me holding her back! I’m thrilled that you asked for my input on “Bring a Songwriter to the Pond.” Continue reading