Carey Baldwin Confesses!

Sometimes a book or an author comes along that is really special.  Carey Baldwin is just such an author, and her new book Confession is just such a book.

Each line of Confession is beautifully crafted.  Whether the heroine is confronting the hero, or being threatened by a patient in her office, you feel every heartbeat, every nervous tremor that the heroine tries to conceal.  You feel her loneliness, her desire to do the right thing, her indecision, and her bravery.


Can you tell that I loved this book? And isn’t that cover terrific?

Carey is as interesting as her characters.  She’s a mild-mannered physician (still practicing full time) who happens to write edgy romantic thrillers. What’s a nice girl like Carey doing writing scare-you-silly thrillers? She says: “When you’re a former clinical psychologist, writing about psychopaths comes naturally, and when you’re a hopeless romantic…,…
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