No Giraffe at National Zoo; Should there be a Giraffe in Your Book?

By Diana Belchase

This weekend, spring arrived and my husband and I decided to ramble.  The sun shone, the flowers were starting to bloom, and birds twittered like eager children.

First, we discovered a new Dim Sum restaurant.  There is something wonderful about Dim Sum.  Noisy carts roll around the restaurant floor.  The treats are always the same, but you go back to old favorites because each bite is exquisite perfection.

We stumbled on the zoo while exploring the roads that led through Rock Creek Park.  I love this time of year – the trees are no longer grimly forbidding; they begin to bud out, with limbs cloaked in a green or burgundy haze.  Bikers, joggers, and families come out to bask in the warmth.  When we saw the zoo entrance we thought, what a lovely day to spend with the animals.

The first exhibit contained a Lion, his regal ombre brown mane contrasted against the sinewy golden hues of his coat.  He expressed his displeasure by emitting a loud,…
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