Finding Your Flower in the Cracks (Productivity Tips)

Greetings from San Diego where it is a crisp 35 degrees Fahrenheit right now. (I’m eyeballing the fireplace and seriously debating….)

As I think warm thoughts and wiggle the ice caps from my morning toes, I’d like to share with you my favorite tips for writing/productivity/pick me ups when you are down. There are hundreds of things I could include in this post that serve this purpose, and I’d be willing to bet you have just as many, because each of us are so unique and therefore what we find inspiration and hope and magic from is equally so. This is perhaps the best, most important arsenal to have and one you want to be diverse and plentiful. I was going to say that I hope these things that lift you up happen to cross into your path when you need them. While I do hope the universe serves you in that way, I’d like to acknowledge and respect the importance that we have of honoring ourselves, and doing for ourselves. So what I’d really like to say is: Don’t wait for your pick me ups to cross your paths. Go put yourself in the path of your pick me ups. Seek them out, find them and spend purposeful time with them. Whatever they may be. Wherever they may be. These are a few of mine…

Animals, bright flowers, sweet flowers, smiles, trees, Orion, curly hair, lipstick.

Gandhi. Drew Barrymore. The Dalai Lama. Logic. Jim Henson. Dolly Parton. Jesus.

It was a simple flower growing up through a crack like the one above that inspired my first published book, Sidewalk Flower. I had gone for a walk, something one of my favorite authors suggested doing when faced with stilled creativity (she didn’t want to use the word writer’s block). And there it was. A little yellow burst at my feet. “What a fighter.” “How many times have you been stepped on?” These were the immediate things that popped into my head in that moment. “You are beautiful.” My “Sidewalk Flower” ended up being a woman who although fictional, in many ways became one of my real life heroes. Her name is Trista Jean Hart. I am honored to be her author. You can find her story HERE.

I’d like to leave you with this quote…

I’d love to be inspired by some of your pick me ups, so please share in the comments. Have a wonderful day, everyone.

Fishy kisses,

Mermaid Carlene


Always give credit where credit is due… 

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5 thoughts on “Finding Your Flower in the Cracks (Productivity Tips)

  1. Good Morning Mermaid Carlene,
    You know, of course, that I am not a writer! But when I need to think and clear my head, I find nothing works better than sitting in the backyard when the sun is shining warmly and there are no other sounds besides little bird chirps and watching the chickens search for food. I could literally do that for hours if I had hours to spend!

  2. Good morning to you too, Aunt Terry Mermaid Friend 🙂

    And she says she’s not a writer, “…when the sun is shining warmly and there are no other sounds besides little bird chirps and watching the chickens search for food.”

    I think you painted a lovely picture that we can all see and feel. I’m glad you have that space to go to when you need it. It’s funny because I generally prefer the night time because of the quiet and the sense of things settling down into a nice calm. But there is nothing that can replace the warmth of the sun.

    Thank you so much for taking the time to share today. Give your chickens some love for me too. xoxoxoxoxo

  3. Hi darling – Funny you should ask today. I was thinking about how I get down on myself and thought, “You only have yourself to tell the story – why don’t you tell it to yourself?” Do you know, I felt better, like I’d taken all the unseen judges out of the room. Just that little thought.
    Thank you for the post!

  4. Oh Susan, I love this. It’s funny because it seems that there are usually two opposing trains of thought in most disciplines. For us writers, we have “The best way to write is to write for yourself” and then on the flip side we are also taught that “The best books are written with a specific audience in mind.” I can imagine that if we are able to find that sweet spot in the middle, we probably end up with a very fulfilling project for all. Kudos to you for remembering that you as the writer really are your own first reader and your own first audience. And yes, no judges allowed in that magical place of creation. It’s just you and those beautiful people whose story you are telling. Good luck, fishy sister! Please keep us posted on how your writing is going. xoxoxo

  5. Carlene,
    I loved this post. I loved hearing about your sidewalk flower that survived and thrived against the odds. 🙂
    That’s one of my favorite quotes! Gotta love Gandhi. He STILL rocks. I have a whole document with just inspirational quotes, and that’s one of my very favorites.

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