My Favorite Writing Spot: Carlene Love

Carlene Love's Favorite Writing Spot

Citrus Skies and the Wild Trees

Ancient Tides for my dusty feet

To think I did not want to meet

A girl now begs, write your name on me.

~Carlene Love


Buon giorno, readers. Thank you for being here today and for having stopped by the past several weeks to read our posts about our favorite writing places. While my mermaid sisters were blogging on this topic, I was in Italy with my family and so I asked that I be scheduled last to allow for time to return to the States and in turn, to my laptop. Yes, I went to Italy for two weeks and didn’t bring so much as a note pad. I guess I just needed to be away and on this great escape more than I needed to write about it.

Took this of the magical, mystical seaside town: Manarola.

Took this of the magical, mystical seaside town: Manarola.

One thing I love about being part of the Mermaids is that we are all organically at different places in our lives in general, and also, in our writing lives, yet we come together, just like family. It works beautifully, because we can each blog on the same topic and still give you a completely different perspective with each post. I love for instance that Pintip writes her RITA award winning books on her cell phone while juggling the tasks of being a mom to her little ones. And Alethea writes her magnificent adventures surrounded by keepsakes as unique and rich in story as the writer herself. Dana writes to a simply gorgeous view of a forest of trees. Breathtaking.

I’ll go ahead and admit it now that a month ago when we decided on our current topic, I worried I’d have to make something up. I didn’t have a favorite place to write. Are there more of you out there who like me, find yourself a “floater”? Some days it’s the kitchen table, some days it’s the floor, or your bed, or on those really interesting days, a dark closet with shoes poking you in the backend or the backseat of your car. Do you ever find yourself in the darkened movie theater when an idea strikes and you’re doing your best to either scribble it down on a napkin or hide the glare of your phone as you’re texting it to yourself?

Now what about this one–some days there isn’t a place because some days, you’re just not writing. I’d like to take a brief second to say this to you: cheer up. Head up, chin up. We all get there, to that place sometimes. I’ve been hanging out there as of late, just sort of floating. This is what I’ve learned: It’s totally okay. Someday, you’re gonna land somewhere and it’s going to feel like the writing home built especially for you. Or maybe you won’t land somewhere, because maybe your beautiful and unique stories come from a place that is simply untetherable. Keep the faith. I’ve somehow managed to have nine books published in the past three years, through ups and downs and feeling a bit ” writer homeless” at times. You can do it. I promise.

Now that I’ve told you about all the places I haven’t done much writing lately, let me tell you about the place I lived for the past two weeks…

It’s 7,000 miles away, in a land of gorgeous sunsets, historic waters, beautiful graffiti, the perfect cappuccino and people rich on life. I was hesitant to make the trip in the first place, but now feel I could write and never stop writing there. I hope I make it back someday. I’ve only written 29 words in Italy, words I scribbled on the little notepad in my room provided by the hotel. I’m so thankful to the Piazza Carlina (yes, my hotel happened to be my name in Italian!) and that little pad. I posted the 29 words at the top of this page. Hope it brings you a little closer to this beautiful land.

Now here’s to you, and wherever you may find yourself when your page becomes a little less blank.

CIAO, and if you’d like to see more from Italy, and me, swim on over to Instagram: carlene_love_