Reminiscing about Six Sentence Sunday and a SURPRISE GIVEAWAY!

Denny (PortRoyale)A few years ago there was this thing called “Six Sentence Sunday”, organized by a couple of authors who may not have realized at the onset they were creating a spectacular! It was fun and tons of folks participated. However, it ended officially January 27, 2013. I LOVED this weekly author share, and this morning when I started thinking about what I would post about, I decided to make today (sans alliteration) SIX SENTENCE TUESDAY:)! So, are you with me?!!!!

Here’s what you must do to play–pull six sentences from your current WIP (work in progress) and post in the comments below. That’s it. Only six sentences! I also am in the mood to giveaway some books because I’ve been to every conference, convention, retreat, in the continental US in the past year and have a ton of books. So, the lucky winner of the drawing can pick two of the following: J.R. Ward (CRAVE), Kendra Elliot (BURIED), Jenna Black (The Devil Inside), Laura Griffin (Twisted) and Kristan Higgins (Too Good to Be True).

To get the ball rolling, here are three of my Six Sentence Sunday snippets from October 2011, reposted today for your enjoyment!

From my paranormal romance Gideon about a vampire struggling to keep his promise to a witch:

An hour later, he held Rachel’s hand and recalled the day a hundred years before when a witch’s spell had stopped him from feeding on humans. Before that day, he hadn’t contemplated his destiny. Hadn’t worried about it. Killing was his art. He’d understood that with clarity since 1696—the last thing he’d ever wanted to be was necessary. Now he had no choice.

More from WIP Gideon:

Gideon made his way down the narrow hallway to an archway outside the kitchen and stopped. When he still killed, he never thought about how much the living hated dying. It took Rachel’s magic to remind him. Then the faces of the people he’d butchered crawled into his memories everyday, all day long. The terror in their eyes, as vivid as the night he’d held them by the throat, fangs embedded in their flesh, draining their lives into his belly. As he stepped into the kitchen, he saw this look in Alice Wilson’s eyes–although she was very much alive.

And the last Six Sentence Sunday blast from the past (and yes, Gideon – because I love vampires and this story, and vampires will be hot again soon, I swear!):

Standing, his legs unsteady, he gripped the bedpost and peered up at the painting of Rachel on the wall opposite his bed. He remembered the artist Matisse and the drink they’d shared in a small café near the Tower in Paris in 1890. The man was ill and hadn’t committed to painting yet, but he and Gideon discussed color, brushes and the effect of light on Rachel’s hair. He found her beautiful, too. Especially her brown, shiny hair that turned blood red when candlelight flickered nearby. That’s when Matisse told him, “Women with that color hair fuel life’s miseries more potently than most.” Gideon never understood what he’d meant until now.

Okay authors – it’s your turn! Give me Six Sentences NOW from your WIP!!!!!

And have a happy October – Halloween is only a few weeks away, you know!

And oh, one of the best TV vampires of all time – Angel from BTVS and ATS!


10 thoughts on “Reminiscing about Six Sentence Sunday and a SURPRISE GIVEAWAY!

  1. On one hand, smashing a man’s head into a wall wouldn’t get Marcia off the disabled list. On the other hand, if she could take out Victor Kelly, the head of personnel readiness for the Global Response Staff, she should be able to perform her duties as a bodyguard for CIA personnel and other VIPs. He was, after all, an ex-Army Ranger and should have decent defensive skills.

    She not only had to prove to him that as a woman she could kick his ass, but also as a former LAPD SWAT team member. Kelly had a chip on his shoulder about hiring ex-police officers. He preferred ex-military…he preferred men.

  2. Here are 6 sentences from something new I’m working on. My first “one-night stand” book!

    His heart began beating quickly again. She was tall, almost on eye level with him. Still, he couldn’t seem to look anywhere but down at her lips. Lips that were a soft red. Lips that parted seductively as he continued to stare.
    Lips that, before he knew it, called to him louder than anything he’d ever heard.
    Ignoring every good manner he’d grown up with and all of the training and patience he’d learned in the Army, he framed her face with his hands and kissed her.

  3. “What are you doing here, Tafft?” If Anarchy’s voice had been cold as January on the patio, it was positively arctic now.
    Hunter glanced over his shoulder. Smirked. “Checking on Ellison.”
    “Did you call him?” Anarchy asked.
    “Mother.” Who knew four-letter words sometimes required six letters? I did now.

  4. Awww, Gideon. Le sigh. Thank you for this fun prompt, Denny!

    Here’s six from one of my current WIPs…

    His eyes doubled in size like a desperate man’s would. “But you have no idea of what I’ve really done because you said yourself that you left before it started.”
    “That’s right. I don’t even want to think of what other feelings I’d have about your art form if I’d have stayed. As it is, I’d just rather not be in the same room with someone who can be so inconsiderate of his fellow human beings.”
    Chanel could see her words stoking the tight muscles of Craft’s chest as he stood at her side, flinching and ready to unload.

    Happy October to you too!

  5. And I was so looking forward to hooking up with the Six Sentence group too… *sigh*

    So I will post six sentences from my current WIP:

    His head came off with the force of her round house kick. Christina Johnston looked around worriedly at the empty room, wondering if she would have to pay for damages to the dummy mannequin. Maybe she could super glue it back on and no one would notice.
    The door opened. Rick Delvante, owner of Livedel Enterprise walked in. The man still scared the piss out of her at times.

    Hugs and Happy Halloween!! May all your Ghosts be handsome and hot… 😉

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