I Heart Sherrilyn Kenyon & Super Fabulous Dark-Hunter Giveaway!

Happy Friday Fishy Friends!  I’m completely excited about today’s post because I’m giving away one very special Sherrilyn Kenyon Dark-Hunter novels collection set.  *Giveaway info at the end of this post*Mermaid Carlene

But first I’d like to share a fun story with you.  So, I firmly believe that if you love something, you should love it well.  Just always remember that love is respectful.

So, a few years ago, I was still relatively new to the DC area, settling into my home and continuing to quietly work on writing.  I was so new to it back then that I had no idea about writers groups, contests, or conferences.  But I was VERY familiar with Sherrilyn Kenyon’s books and had become a huge fan since being given “Seize the Night” at the 2008 San Diego Comic Con.   During a regular check of her upcoming appearances in my area, I saw that she was going to be doing a signing in some place called Leesburg, VA.  I could tell by the event details that this wasn’t just a regular bookstore signing because it talked about a retreat and organization that went by the initials WRW.  Well, I was a little skeptical, so I did some research. I fully intended on figuring out how to get to this signing.

That’s when my silly little brain started doing all this crazy-fantastic spinning.  I discovered several things in rapid succession:

1) WRW stood for Washington Romance Writers and they were a local writing chapter falling under the main organization which was RWA.  WRW was indeed hosting a local retreat in the spring where Sherrilyn Kenyon would be the keynote speaker and there would be a signing for the public in the area around the same time.  They also had a writing contest called the Marlene and the winner would be announced at this retreat where Sherrilyn would be in attendance as a special guest.

2) RWA stood for Romance Writers of America.  They had a wonderful website that taught me all about their Golden Heart writing contest and an annual national conference.  And, Sherrilyn Kenyon just so happened to be slated as their Keynote Speaker that year as well!

3) I had to see Sherrilyn Kenyon.  (Being around her is like chicken soup for the soul and I want lots of that.)

Sherrilyn and Carlene

BOOM, BAM, POW (that’s my brain on Sherrilyn Kenyon)

4) I could join these organizations, both RWA and WRW, submit my little (actually quite huge) love story manuscript I’d been working on to both groups.  I could win the contests, be presented my awards and Sherrilyn Kenyon would be in the room watching my acceptance speeches where I would profess my love for her and then everyone would live happily ever after.  And we might even have slumber parties and talk endlessly about Valerius Magnus and Acheron.

Fishy Kisses

Slightly crazy, I know.  But fun, right?  Long story short, I joined both organizations, entered both contests, didn’t win the awards but came away with a few hearts of gold who give great fishy kisses and had the time of my life listening to Sherrilyn speak.  At the WRW retreat, on May 1, 2011, I won the basket Sherrilyn had donated to the raffle! Inside that basket was the wrapped, five-book set that I’m giving away today.  I’ve never opened it.  It has sat beautifully amongst my Sherrilyn book collection.  I own each of the books individually and have read them several times each.

Sherrilyn Prize

I hope that whoever wins these treasures will read them and fall in love even harder than I did.

I would not be the reader I am nor the writer I’m becoming if it weren’t for Sherrilyn Kenyon.

Thank you—Xoxoxoxo

So friends, I’d be oh so happy to hear your stories of fervent love & admiration…pretty please?


*Giveaway details: This giveaway is open until 10:30pm Eastern Time on Sunday, January 27, 2013.  At that time, I will randomly choose one winner from the commenters to this post and announce the winning name in the comments section.  Please be prepared to share your snail mail address with me so I can send this one of a kind gift your way! *

Five book set includes: Night Embrace, Night Pleasures, Night Play, Kiss of the Night, & Dance with the Devil.

44 thoughts on “I Heart Sherrilyn Kenyon & Super Fabulous Dark-Hunter Giveaway!

  1. I would absolutely love to add this series to my bookshelf because I have not read any of Sherrilyn Kenyon’s books yet. I have heard many wonderful things about them though. 🙂

    1. Good Morning Tanya 🙂 If you could see the smile plastered on my face right now. Crossing my fingers and blowing you a lucky kiss in the giveaway 🙂 Sherrilyn’s books are THE BEST. Happy Friday!

  2. I loved your comment, “Being around her is like chicken soup for the soul”. I am going to send her the link to this blog, if Alethea has not done so already. Hugs, Gaia

    1. Hi Gaia! Hugs to you too. I can’t imagine what it’s like for Sherrilyn at her events but I thank God for the several times I’ve met her. She must be made of super absorbent lovey material to soak it all up and not explode!

  3. Carlene,
    Who are we supposed to profess our love to? You? That’s easy! 🙂 LOL.
    That story is amazing. It’s really Sherrilyn’s books that made you a mermaid! That’s so cool! I was so moved by her keynote speech (both at the retreat as well as the conference). She definitely makes you want to kick yourself in the butt when you’re feeling pitiful, dust off any kind of failure and keep moving ahead. She’s inspirational both as a woman and as a writer!
    Have a wonderful Fishy Friday! 🙂

    1. Hi Kim! The comment monster gobbled up my first response to you but it went something like this: I love you Kim, you are the absolute best fishy sister and if you want to profess your love to me, I accept 🙂
      But seriously, I’m so glad you were touched by Sherrilyn. Thank you for being in the pond with me. 🙂

    1. Hi Trellyn, you are exactly right. Gosh, I’m so honored to have Sherrilyn’s fans here in the pond today! Oh, you must have had a fabulous time. I’ve never been to Dragon Con but I’ve heard it’s pretty amazing, especially for SK fans. Here’s to many more heartwarming meetings for the two of you. Take care!

  4. Well, HERO, that was a beautiful post!!!! I guess I will have to love and adore Sherrilyn because without her, I would have never met you! And you are my HERO after all. For me, I wouldn’t have found RWA, then WRW, then the Mermaids without Nora Roberts. 😉

    Without Sherrilyn we wouldn’t have sat at that bar in Leesburg for hours going over our pitches. We wouldn’t have met Rock My Socks Jen Bock. We wouldn’t have been supporting each other for almost two years now. We wouldn’t have laughed and laughed at RWA Nationals cuz, you know, HERO and all. I wouldn’t have the most awesomesauce picture you drew me hanging on the wall in my day job office. And I wouldn’t be able to make you laugh with my super special comedic timing. (You’re laughing now, aren’t you? Aren’t you? I got you again!) So, thanks Sherrilyn!!!!!!!


  5. What do you call the giggles when they’re mixed in with hiccups and then you pass out because seriously, who can squeeze breathing in when they’re giggling and hiccuping at the same time? That’s what you do to me, just about everytime you open your mouth, Hero. All those things…so special. Yes, let’s thank our writing heroes today. Okay, I finally got a good breath in…shouldn’t pass out now.

    1. Hi Mary Jo! Thank you so much for swimming by today. The Chronicles of Nick are great too. I read them with my son and I love that they are completely appropriate for him but I can secretly snicker at all the Dark-Hunter tie-ins meant for mommies. Good luck in the drawing!!!

  6. Welcome to the pond, Josie! I am so completely thrilled to be sharing the Sherrilyn Kenyon love! Yay! I know whoever wins is gonna be doing a whole lotta reading because once you start one Dark-Hunter book, you’ve gotta keep going and going. Luckily it’s a huge series. Good luck my friend!

  7. Hi Diana, hugs to you. Thank you. That was such a wonderful speech. She spoke to us as writers, readers, human beings. I love what you said here, “Going for the gold in each other’s hearts, not always in the awards.” Lovely words from my lovely fishy sister. 🙂

  8. It never ceases to amaze me how small a world we live in. I, too, went to the WRW retreat specifically to see Sherri, because I had just moved to Ashburn and realized that LO AND BEHOLD my bestest writing bud from TN would be a Guest of Honor at a little convention RIGHT DOWN THE STREET from where I lived.

    I had just joined the WRW that winter. I had only been to one meeting (the Jane Austen Persuasion one) and I had only made one friend (Robin Covington). I was really desperate to make more friends, and I felt a lot more comfortable attending the retreat since I knew I’d already have a friend there (Sherri).

    There are several moments from that retreat that will always stick in my mind–one happened at the luncheon where I couldn’t sit with Sherri and I was informed there was no more room at the YA table, so I changed Mary Lenaburg’s “Inspirational” table sign to say “Misfits” instead and plopped myself down. It kept bugging me because I KNEW I had seen the sweet blonde girl sitting next to me before, but I didn’t want to be rude and ask. Thank goodness she finally said, “Hi, I’m Carlene. I’m sure you don’t remember me, but we met at a Sherrilyn Kenyon signing.”

    And the rest is history. 🙂

    1. B’SHERT!!!! Alethea, and you also took that picture of Sherrilyn and me because I remember you told me my camera was an Elf and I totally had no idea what you were talking about!
      Thank you for being the special kind of person who can handle the uberlove from one friend for another. I also can’t imagine what that feels like. But I hope you know that you melt my heart in all sorts of lovely ways and I think you are the coolest. 🙂

  9. First I must say, it’s very kind of you to offer a chance to explore the wonderful world Sherrilyn Kenyon has made for all to live in through her writings. Yeah yeah, I know this is strange coming from a 46yo male. But her books cross the line of male and female, and even blur the line of romance books, She is what I call a True Story Teller, not just a writer of books. I have met her many times at signings and at conventions we both have worked over the years. I first met her at one such convention. My wife gave me one of her Dark Hunter books she wanted signed by her, because she had to work that weekend and could not make it herself. Sherrilyn not only signed her book but took time to talk to me before the fans came in that day. She told me stories of her chars and what her books were all about, she spoke of them as if they were real people she knew. I’m a avid reader but had never picked up a so called romance novel in my life, but the way she talked of them and the story lines she told me about, made me want to see why her passion for them was so strong and I told her that. She reached under a table and handed me the last copy for the event of one of her books she had stashed back, and told me to give it a read. She thought I would like this story, It was Zareks story, one of her Dark Hunter books. She was correct, very much so it turned out. I now own all of her books and have read them all many times. Sherrilyn’s writings have inspired me so much I have started writing myself, something I did in my youth but never went back to it. I now have two books in the works and write for a RP Fan Fic Group on Facebook called DH-origins playing a few chars from her DH books. It’s strange how the world turns and who you meet can and will change the coarse of your own life. I hope the person who wins this set finds the joy that I did when I first read her works. I don’t want or need the set myself, but I had to sing the praises of a Story teller and all around nice person that is Sherrilyn Kenyon. I hope everyone gets a chance to meet her one day she is such a hoot to speak with. You’ll never forget it, that’s a fact.
    Good luck to all!
    Roy Ezell
    AKA Carson Whitethunder AKA Takeshi Origins

    1. Dearest Roy! Welcome! You’ll have to forgive me but the pond always gets a little bubblier when gentlemen come to visit us mermaids.
      THANK YOU so much for sharing your story. What a beautiful experience you had and to be so inspired. I agree, Sherrilyn’s books aren’t solely romances. I love the mythology the most. Zarek’s story is another favorite. I can’t tell you how priceless it is to have “met” you today. Thank you so much for swimming by.

  10. Oh, Carlene. I am so glad that you made it to that retreat and so glad that we met. I, too, have many fond memories of that retreat. One, of course, was Sherrilyn’s keynote speech, which brought tears to my eyes. I was wiping them away secretly when I noticed everyone else at my table was crying, too. Another memory was the very beginning moments of retreat, when I was at the Newcomer’s Orientation. I didn’t have any friends at the retreat, and I hadn’t yet met my roommate. So I sat across from these two girls, one of whom smiled and said she recognized my name from the loop. Their names, it turned out, were Carlene and Kerri.

    Did I pick a lucky seat or what?!

    1. Awww Pintip, It has been so cool reliving our first retreat moments today. I remember feeling so silly for saying that about your name but you have a very cool name! You have to admit 😉 Yes, those were some lucky seats. So glad to call you friend 🙂

  11. ~Humble Bow~ The pleasure is all mine, I’m not the fan boy type by a long shot. But when you meet someone like Sherri and read her writings, it’s not hard to speak well of her and all the folks/team she has around her. There are a great many writers but very few great writers. She is surely one of the greats.

    ~Bows once more before back stroking off the page.~ 🙂

    1. Hi Caryn! Welcome to the pond. I second that. It really is a very special group of writers at WRW. So glad you found them as well and that you enjoyed my slightly crazy little story today. I will keep writing, you do the same 🙂

  12. Love your story – and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the giveaway. But mostly, I am so glad all of the stars aligned and you made it to retreat the same year I made it, and during lunch, I sat next to Sherilynn and enjoyed every single moment – such a real person. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Oh Denny, that is so cool. I love it how so many of us have had these special encounters with Sherrilyn and each and every one of us has left feeling touched. She’s magic. Even though i didn’t get to talk to you at that first retreat, I will always remember seeing you in the little waiting room for pitches. I was entranced with your beautiful hair and smile. Thank you for being you. 🙂

  13. You have promoted her books for so long and so well that I really must read another book of hers even if I don’t win the set. Can you recommend one in an email to me?

    1. Hi Aunt Terry! That’s right, you liked the pirate book. I will definitely send you some more recommendations! Thank you for being such a wonderfully fun and supportive aunt! You are the best.

  14. Waving like the demon she is to Carlene & her mermaids & EVERYBODIES… Hey & Hi to Alethea & Roy… HUGE Charonte Cuddles to EVERYBODIES… the Simi has a little known fact to tell… the Simi wanted join a site called Book Army which was a while ago & was VERY VERY shy & did NOT want to use her real name or face… soooooooooooo the Simis most fave book series was the Dark Hunter book series & Simi well was her fave character… so making up a profile for Book Army & started posting abouts the different book series the Simi LOVE LOVE LOVED… the Simi found that peeps started friending the Simi on account of they LOVE LOVE LOVE Simi is Sherrilyn Kenyons books… Well what is NOT to love bouts the Simi? Anywho… Book Army asked the Simi to be a BETA tester they were launching with Facebook.. & the Simi said YES!! & posted the same page she had on Book Army on FB… & low & behold TONS of peeps were like WOW we can meet the Simi … & the next thing the Simi knew she had peeps asking the Simi to join the Simi & if the Simi was interested in starting a group & guess what? Over 5 years plus now THAT is how the group the Dark Hunters Origins gotted started!! It makes the Simi SMILE when a fan first finds the Simi & our group to see the look of wonder on their faces for meeting their fave character for the 1st time… it is a thing of WONDER… Just so you know Alethea Kontis is our FAVE Princess too!! We just DORES her to bits!! The Simi also don’t needs the books as the Simi owns a paper back set & hard back set & an Audible.com set too.. can you say that the Simi LOVES her books? Blows kisses to EVERYBODIES… the Simi will let someone else talk now… come find the Simi anytime!!!

    1. HOLY GUACAMOLE! THE SIMI IS IN THE POND! THERE ARE NO WORDS YOU BEAUTIFUL CREATURE. What an honor. Oh, I’m sure I don’t need to say this, but just remember…fishies are our friends, not food. That goes for any merfolk hanging out. Simi, sweet sweet Simi, thank you from the bottomof my heart shaped fins for stopping by. Holy Guacamole!!!!!!

      1. Jumping up & down shrieking ~ Awe Carlene you just maded the Simis night… WAIT no make that her WEEK… no no WAIT… her YEAR!! Yeah her YEAR!!… & the Simi promises Fishies are the Simis friends too not FOOD!! By the way the Simi LOVES your heart shaped fins too!! Dag Nabbit Sufferinsuchatasch on a Sea Turtles Tuccas !! The Simi likes that Holy Guacamole too!! How FABU is that?!! HUGE Charonte Cuddles Carlene & you merfolk! The Simi is test driving the flying brooms tonight… so gotta jet!! Um LITERALLY these babies gots Jet Propulsion engines & ROCK!!

  15. Well, now that I’ve regained my composure after seeing that the incomparable Simi had visited us, I am pleased to announce the winner of our fabulous Dark-Hunter book set is…Mary Jo Burke! Congratulations! You’re gonna Looooovve them! And also a quick thank you to all the beautiful Sherrilyn fans who made a special trip over here to the pond to share the ways in which a truly wonderful human being with an extraordinary imagination has touched your lives. Thank you. This was a real treat.

    1. Congrats Mary Jo Burke!! You will LOVE them!! Just members to pay close attention to a certain Cute Charonte Demon… *points to self* that would be MOI!! *giving puppy demon eyes* Ya just gotta love a demon with FABU Fashion sense & can BBQ ANYTHING at a moments notice!!

    2. Big Congratulations Mary Jo Burke, I hope you and your daughter enjoy the stories!
      Carlene, I think your going to need to put a Charonte kiddie demon pool next to the pond. I got a feeling you’ve not seen the last of The Simi.*grin*

  16. Simi, you would make a lovely mermaid…I’m bringing up kiddie pool construction just for you at the next mermaid meeting! Until then, consider yourself loved, adored and welcome here anytime. Roy, that goes for you too 🙂

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