Deals with the Universe

In a little over a week, calls will be going out to notify writers of their finalist status in RWA’s RITA® and Golden Heart® contests. At this very moment, hundreds — if not thousands — of writers are fixated on a certain date, even as they try desperately to pintip-mermaid-300x231ignore it.

March 26. March 26. March 26.

I know this obsession well. Although I’m not entered this year, I was in the running for the previous three years. The wait and anticipation and nerves were nothing short of exquisite torture. What is unique about this “call” is that you know exactly when it’s coming — or not coming. The countdown to Call Day was enough to make me jump out of my skin.

That is, until fellow mermaid, Kimberly MacCarron, taught me a method for waiting. Now, Kim is brilliant for a number of things, but this may be her most brilliant idea yet. It’s called “Deals with the Universe,” and…
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Dancing in the Shadows

Some days I feel as if I just can’t win.

I guess today was one of them.  My manuscript sits with my agent, and I wonder if this round of revisions will be right?  Will she love it?  Will my book be finally good enough to sell?

So many other people seem to be getting deals.  They talk about their editors and publication timelines, and all the hard work it takes to bring a book to market.  From this end, their worries seem so much easier than mine.  Their books have sold, and will be on bookshelves — whether real or in cyberspace — and their stories will finally be read.

It is wonderful hearing about friends getting their books published, garnering three book deals, going on tours.  I wish them luck, really, really I do.  I love them, and I know how hard they worked, and how much they deserve it.

I just want to be one of them.  <sigh>

Will I ever get there?  Should I keep pounding…
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Instant Gratification…NOW!


          We live in a world where we expect everything to happen immediately. There’s no waiting involved. The element of surprise and wonder has been replaced with knowledge, which is good, right?           I remember a time when I would come home and wonder if someone had called me. The wondering was fun, exciting. I could daydream about what the conversation would have been like if I had been home to answer the phone. Maybe he called a hundred times. Maybe just once. He could have without any embarrassment because I wouldn’t have known any better. Those were the days before caller ID.           Not so much today. We know exactly how many times someone has called because we check the caller ID. We know the exact times. We know if they left a message. We know everything. But where is the wonder? Where is the excitement in knowing?           We live in a time of instant…
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